Soylent , Ulcerative colitis, low residue


I was diagnosed last night.
Due to the severity, no more fast food for me (bad issues)
Oddly mac and cheese is fine (no issues)
Still had some issues with a glass of soylent

Is soylent considered low residue?


Based on a bit of reading: Soylent has 27 grams of dietary fiber in a day. That’s about twice what most people get on the usual lazy diet with barely adequate fiber.
I’m surprised that it was only ‘some issues’ and that suggests you might be sensitive to wheat proteins or something of that sort, or you’re eating a LOT of fast food at once.

Based on that, I suspect you might want to do a DIY soylent with less fiber, or just wait until the UC flare-up is over.



Thanks, I will be seeing my doc this week, did not have any soylent last time i saw them.
also im not a steadfast soylent eater. 4 to 5 servings a week max, usually alot less.
mainly fast food breakfast lunch and dinner.

Guess I will avoid soylent for the time being. time to stock up on mac and cheese!
Im on a short term 2 antibiotic +PPI treatment right now.


I myself have Crohns among other bowel problems. My problems always clear up with a 2 or 3 day fast (preferably using chicken broth) of some sort.

I’m very interested to see how Soylent works out for me…if it ever comes I’ll let you know XD haha.

Not really sure if low residue is the diet I’m shooting for but I do know two of my worst triggers are peanut butter and popcorn. regular corn is a mild trigger however food made out of corn products don’t seem to bother me. I suspect it’s the husks.