Soylent Unboxing


In case anyone finds this sort of thing interesting, or wants to add their own unboxing video links (true first reactions are frequently entertaining =) feel free to add links here if you wish.

Here’s mine…

For those that received their Soylent shipment: how large is the package?

Thanks for posting. How about a video showing actually mixing it and tasting it for the first time :smile:


Yes, i need to vicariously live through you!
No soylent is making me a very Sad Panda


Nice job Vanclute! (Did I hear a female voice actually say “cool”? I’m having a tough time getting the women in my life to get excited about the Soylent idea, lol)


I actually have that one too. :wink: Trying to put them up in something resembling a sensible storyline. Stay tuned for the next episode in Soylent Days, Soylent Nights! LOL

Oh no… sad panda ++ungood. You will be happy panda soon I assure you!


Yep you sure did. I’m very fortunate to have a partner who is very much in alignment with my desires to eliminate “real food” as a requirement in our lives. She just doesn’t want to be on camera, so it’s unlikely she’ll ever be seen.


Awesome Vanclute, I think you found a keeper.


‘‘Dear, the internet says they approve of you!’’
’‘That’s nice…’’


Nice, thanks for sharing


ROFL!! Yeah that’s probably about the reaction it would get. =) But yes, I couldn’t agree more and our almost 14 years together are a testament to that fact!


OK here ya go… my first taste of Soylent!


Watched your first taste video, and thought that perhaps (part of) your dissatisfaction has something to do with the fact that you’re drinking it through a straw. I suspect that you might not notice the powdery texture quite as much if you drank it regular-style. Just a hunch.

On a related note, it was sad to see the hope and excitement for Soylent fade from your eyes in real time. My sympathies. I hope I don’t have a similar deflating experience when my shipment arrives.

Thanks for posting your reactions, and good luck finding a balance.


Good point about the straw, I hadn’t considered that. I’ll try it just in a glass. I don’t generally like to drink anything thicker than milk that way, but I’ll give this a shot.

And don’t take any expressions on my face as disappointment or dissatisfaction with Soylent. I am extraordinarily particular about the things I consume - frankly most people that know me would probably be shocked that I would ever try something like this. I was mostly just being very thoughtful and really considering the taste & texture before commenting. Ordinarily, the last thing in the world I ever want to do is contemplate the taste or texture of things I consume (I try very hard not to think about such things), so this is very atypical of me. But I wanted to have something to contribute to the community in some way, so I’m “putting myself out there” and stepping a bit outside my comfort zone in order to do so, but also trying to not let any knee-jerk reactions show through.

I feel quite positive that I’ll find just the right bits & bobs to add to Soylent to make it perfect for me. Already I’ve discovered that adding a little milk goes a LONG way towards adding creaminess and even a hint of sweet, so that might even end up being all I need to do. Tomorrow will be another interesting test day!


Thanks for posting this and for your honest first review, I enjoyed watching the whole thing :smile:


I had a similar reaction to the grittyness…actuall i started DIY so im sure mine was even worse…i found adding more water did the trick…averaged 3L a day for mixing…also…after about 3 days…i was used to it…and now a month in i like the gritty powdery aspect to it…makes it feel more like food and less like drink…ive started adding less and less water because i want something to chew on a bit. also try it in a blender…seems to help some.


great video…thanks!

I am wondering why most folks arnt using a blender and then waiting? Most posts thus far have said that it is much better after you use a blender and then let it sit overnight in the fridge?

I know its got to be tough to do all that and wait. Id really like to see/read someones first experience after putting it through a blender and then drinking it the next moring.


For myself, there are a couple reasons I’m not using a blender…

  1. I wanted to follow the simplest directions as written first and see how it would go.
  2. The blender I normally use and have sitting on the counter ready for use, is a single-serving blender so is so small that I’d have to use it every time I wanted a glass.
  3. I do have a full size blender in a cabinet, but I don’t want to have to deal with hauling it out, taking up counter space, and cleaning it up all the time.

As for the “not waiting”, well that’s just simple impatience! LOL

My day 2 has been MUCH better, after letting the pitcher sit overnight in the fridge. The grittiness is more just “texture” really, and the taste is pretty much bland/neutral going down… but it has the aftertaste of vanilla cake! Very weird but kinda cool! =)


Hey, thanks for responding!! Im glad it went much better for you. Your impatience is felt by all I assure you.

After your video and others, my first taste will be after a full blender and chill over night.

It is interesting on what you added for taste. I was thinking of more along the lines of adding a banana, or strawberries to change the taste… Or plain chocolate syrup.

Good luck and keep us updated.


Yeah I’m just not into fruit, but that’s probably a very good way to go if you are. Syrup would probably work, hadn’t considered that.

I actually tried vanilla after the powdered peanut butter, thinking that was an obvious win, but by the time I got enough vanilla in there to actually taste like anything, I mostly just tasted the alcohol in it! That was truly awful. Then I tried adding a couple drops of Stevia to counter it… didn’t really help. So I added cocoa powder which REALLY didn’t help. Then I added a couple spoonfulls of regular hot cocoa mix, which also didn’t help! At this point I was getting desperate as I really didn’t want to ruin a serving of Soylent. So I started adding milk, and that saved the day. Made it drinkable. Not great by any stretch, but at least not wasted.

Now I’m staying simple and adding nothing, and finding I actually kinda like it. It just had to grow on me a little, and adding all those tweaks just complicated things.


This kinda makes me glad that I am not one of the first to get mine, so I can learn from other people’s mistakes before I start experimenting on my own!

edit: Okay, okay, this is just me trying to comfort myself… cries Iwantmysoylent cries