Soylent Update 3/22


Thanks for everyone’s feedback on last week’s update, the quality of discussion is a testament to the our supporters.

Here’s what’s new from this week:

  • Our oil bottler received our oil blend (Icelandic fish oil + canola
    oil) yesterday. The custom bottles will be delivered by the end of
    the month. The above picture is a oil bottle proof we received
    recently, the final design will be very similar.

  • Our new site is under development, we’re excited to see the first
    iteration next week.

  • There are no updates to the brown rice protein ship dates as
    specified in our previous update.

Thanks again to our supporters for their patience and enthusiasm!


Had the oil been previously delayed? Or was it purposely postponed because of the rice protein delay?

Nice to hear there are currently no further deleys for the rice protein.


Thanks Julio! I’m even more excited now!


The bottles look cool.
I am just imagining the future posts of photos of sculptures people have made from the 7 bottles a week they collect of empties…

Mini ten pin bowling games are on the horizon…


Actually that is a good point @unsynchronized
I assume these bottles are recyclable?


Not sure they will be set up to “reuse” them as in wash/ refill them and the cost involved might be more than making new ones. However one would assume they would melt down ok and make other plastic products. However, having significant amounts of fish oil on them might not be great? I don’t work in plastics or recycling so i can’t comment on that.

I suppose rosa labs could include a postage paid envelope with each monthly supply to send back the empties, with a small discount off the next order for those who participate. This would
a) get rid of the bottles
b) encourage resupply
c) help the environment
d) assist with collecting DNA samples from the customer base

Just kidding about d)



You think a laboratory wouldn’t consider it?


It kind of looks like a bath product. But thanks for the update!


Can open. Worms everywhere.


I am done back to topic.


I know a lot can happen between now and when my potential Canadian order will get to me. But that bottle makes me wish that the oil at least could be ordered separately. Or, better yet, the oil could be packaged in a more sensible quantity like a weekly or monthly supply. Measuring out the necessary quantity of oil is the least of my problems. Also, I don’t think I would have a lot of problem finding oil in a more bulk presentation through my local grocery or health food store. There’s something about throwing out a perfectly good bottle every day that doesn’t sit well.

I know I throw out quite a few bottles these days, but those are recyclable in a way that provides income for the local bottle pickers (I’m one of those that separates and bags payable recyclables separately). I know that the bottle pickers also prefer larger bottles because they get paid more for them.



Interesting, so we will get those bottles separate from Soylent so we can decide how much to include in meal?


Actually the purpose is to solve the problem of how to pack the oils with the powder. Apparently they don’t play nice together inside the package. The current packaging (daily) is designed so that you chuck a package of powder and the bottle of oil into your blender with the water.



Thanks for explaining. I wonder if integration are planned, if so, would there be separated option.


@JulioMiles You’ve mentioned so far that you’re shipping a small amount of the rice protein via air to speed up the process. How many batches will you be able to make with this small amount and how will you be prioritizing who gets the limited amount first? (First pledged? first signed up for backerkit? random between all signed up during a period?)


I think i remember it was 500,000 units with about half already reserved. Month backers first, then week purchasers.

EDIT: found when he referenced amount of orders, but not the um order of them.

When asked Asked how many of those were for Backers


What do you do about too much PUFAs in total?


I believe that the 500k was the whole protien order not the small ammount the’re recieving by air.

And yes, I know monthly orders will go out first, but I think it may be likely they have more monthly orders then the first air shipment will allow.


@JulioMiles When you say the custom bottles, do you mean the empty ones will be delivered to the oil bottler, or does that mean that Rosa Labs will be getting the filled bottles by the end of the month?


New site looking good

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