Soylent Update 3/31


We just got news today that the expedited initial shipment of rice protein cleared customs at LAX late last week, and is currently on its way to the production facility on Colorado. Once the protein arrives, it will subject to a number of quality control assessments, a process that takes about 5 business days. Assuming that it passes these tests, we will be on track to begin shipping the first orders of Soylent around April 17th.

Kosher certification is something we’ve been hoping to achieve, and we’re happy to announce officially that the Soylent dry powder will carry the Star-K certification. Unfortunately the custom oil blend (canola+fish oil) will not be Kosher certified, but we hope to remedy that in future orders.

Finally, if you’re a National Geographic subscriber you may have already seen the short article on Soylent in the April 2014 issue that hit newsstands last week. If not, we encourage you to check it out!


Thanks for keeping us in the loop, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

You had mentioned before you would be posting regarding the shipping/fulfillment of the add on items, do you think you will be able to get that post out soon?


Yeah, definitely later this week!


Question is, if I purchased Soylent back in May of last year through Kickstarter, will I be the one to receive the first shipment or how is this going to work?


Good news at last! I’m not one of the first that bought in to this, so I know I have longer to wait. Everyone at my work is looking forward to teasing me about it when I bring it in.


Thanks for the update! Will you be sending email notifications to backers informing us of a projected shipping date or some kind of order in line? I ordered my kit back in February of this year and am interested as to when mine will ship.

I would imagine that the first backers would receive priority in shipping though I am wondering if in your first batch you’ll have enough to fill all orders. Also, in an earlier post you guys had said that running out of Soylent should not be an issue as once you ship to backers the online store should be set up. Is that still on track?

Thanks in advance!


Awesome, I’m sure since I started off with a weeks worth, and only just put my order in that I will be one of the last to get this, I’m more worried about going for a week with it, and then having another delay causing a gap in being able to use soylent, but this is still great news, hope to get mine late April!

Any word ever on how much this initial shipment will be able to supply?


So the Soylent guys decided to use rice protein, to keep it Vegan, instead of whey protein which comes from cow milk, causing a 3-4 month delay. Smart move. How many people are vegan? 0.5%?


They commented on this previously. At this point in production, switching to Whey protein would have caused more delays because they would have had to refactor the recipe entirely and basically start over with all the tests they had to go through.


So, I posted a separate topic about this, but then realized that it’s probably more fitting here. I’ll be more brief than before - Why was the soylent oil mix denied kosher certification? At least one person gets the impression that it’s because it is manufactured by a company that also deals with shark products, but plenty of food companies sell some kosher products and others that are not kosher. Most simply, what fish is the source of the “fish oil?” Is it shark or catfish or something? Also, what’s the proposed remedy for making the oil mix kosher, and is there a timeline on that?


Julio posted a response to these questions in the other thread.


We’re going to be organizing the shipping queue first by preorder size, with each group of preorder sizes arranged by preorder date.

This is to ensure that we aren’t immediately hit with a flood of reorders before we have a chance to build up some inventory – backers who are receiving 3 months of Soylent probably won’t be reordering nearly as quickly as those receiving a week or two.


Yes, id like to know more about these projected shipping dates.
So im assuming that the 17th is the estimate for the very first Large orders.
what are the estimates on the orders after that, and or roughly how long until all preorders are fulfilled?

your truly – backer 15,098 1week soylent


“How many people are vegan? 0.5%?”

If you’re giving up food anyway for Soylent, why not make it vegan and as cruelty-free as possible? Why anyone would have a problem with the product being vegan is beyond me. How ego are people??


That’s correct, orders will be consolidated and I believe will be shipped by the earliest order date.

Shipping out all the preorders should take about 4-6 weeks, so you should expect your shipment sometime before the end of May. Once we begin shipping and have a solid idea of our manufacturing & fulfillment rate (units per week) we’ll be able to provide a better estimate of individual ship dates.


@juliomiles, What percentage of the month+ orders do you expect to get out on this initial run?

What would be the estimated ‘ordered by’ cut off date for month+ orders that will make it into the initial shipment?


I don’t think anyone has a problem with it being vegan, per se. But lots of people have a problem with the delays, which for several months now have been caused by the switch to rice protein, which was apparently done to appease the vegans.


So enthused! Hope the testing for contaminants goes through without a hitch.

Just realized I am backer 4,039 and 4,042!


Where can you tell what backer number you are?


Log in to the Soylent backerkit and it should be in the upper-right corner. They are kind enough to put it into tweet format and link it so you can almost effortlessly brag to your twitter peeps. Example, mine says:


  .@soylent proud to be the 4,039th backer to complete @BackerKit for Soylent - Free Your Body