Soylent Update 4/23



  • starter kits began shipping this week
  • vegan orders shipping 4/25 due to logistics considerations
  • shipping rate will be slowly scaled up over next 1-2 weeks
  • all orders will be charged for add-ons and finalized for shipping at 12:00pm PST 4/25 - orders made after that date will not be consolidated with previous orders

Since the official lockdown date of 4/11 we’ve been flexible about unlocking orders for backers who wanted to add more Soylent or change their shipping address.

At 12:00pm PST this Friday 4/25, we will be charging for add-ons and locking down orders for good. If you are unsure of your order’s status, please confirm everything is in order by clicking the link contained in your Backerkit invite email. If you no longer have your invite email, please contact for a new one.

If you would like to add more Soylent to your order before the cutoff, you can place a new order on Make sure you use the same email address and shipping address so we can consolidate your order.

If you are an existing backer and place a new order on after this time, it will not be consolidated with your existing orders.

New orders placed after the 4/25 cutoff will not necessarily be incorporated into the shipping queue based on order size.

You will receive a starter kit prior to receiving your Soylent. Emails with tracking information will be sent upon shipment of starter kits and Soylent orders.

Soylent starter kits began shipping on Monday. Heres’s what you can expect:

A few shipping updates/changes:

  • We will not be providing any estimates on ship dates until the fulfillment process is ramped up. Please know that we are working tirelessly to get fulfillment up and running, and will not be able to respond to inquiries regarding a given order’s ship date.

  • Your Backerkit number only indicates the relative order in which you completed your Backerkit survey, and has no bearing on your location within the shipping queue.

  • In order to simplify our fulfillment workflow, we will be shipping vegan orders first, starting on 4/25.

  • To ensure that we are able to identify and resolve any friction points in the shipping process, we will be slowly scaling up shipments to rest of backers over the next 1-2 weeks, starting with beta testers and progressing to general backers.

  • As discussed in previous updates, the shipment queue will be determined primarily by size, with larger orders shipping first. This is to prevent an immediate rush of reorders which would delay some preorders from shipping.

  • Starter kits and Soylent orders are shipped from California via FedEx ground for delivery within 3-6 days (longer for HI and AK).

It’s been almost a year since we launched the Soylent campaign, and we are immensely gratified to be on the home stretch. Now the real work will soon begin: listening to the feedback from everyone who placed their faith in us, and continuing to pursue our goal of developing ever healthier, easier, and more affordable nutrition.

Official Soylent Shipping/Fulfillment Thread

Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy, YEA!!!


So if I purchased 6 weeks and want to add another 4 weeks how do I go about doing that? Backerkit site says my order is locked down and I cant add anymore stuff to it.


You can just place a new order. Make sure you use the same email address and shipping address so we can consolidate your order.


That’s definitely your starter kit. We’ll be sending customized shipment notifications in the future.


Were there many vegan orders made, or will bumping them up be a fairly insignificant change to the shipping order?


I whole heartedly agree. One of the biggest reasons we are getting Soylent now versus back in January due to wanting to use rice protein over whey even though rice protein is usually known to be grainy (obviously they resolved this issue, though it was very costly in terms of schedule) and now they end up getting it first.

I hope when they say “logistics considerations” they don’t mean they’re getting the oil later then expected when they’ve had an extra 4 months to get it ready.


For a company shipping tens of thousands of units for the first time to get it done over the course of a few weeks is pretty amazing. Considering that last May they were expecting maybe 1500 weeks to be ordered it is an understatement to say this has been a monumental task for a very young company. Well done.


I’m not exactly sure how people got this impression, but it is 100% untrue. From the beginning of this process, making Soylent allergen-free has been one of our highest priorities and rice protein is much less allergenic than whey protein. We never planned on using whey protein in the final product.


Does the 4/25 cutoff apply for totally new customers too?


Yes, but new orders placed after the 4/25 cutoff will not necessarily be incorporated into the shipping queue based on order size.


I ordered just now but have received nothing but a receipt, no backerkit info. I went to the backerkit web page and they said my e-mail wasn’t recognized. I am pumped to try this stuff out.


It takes 24-48 hours for your Backerkit invite to be sent. Thanks for your order!


Will I still be able to get the extra stuff, i.e. the jug and measuring cups? Or will it be too late to access those options?


All new customers get a starter kit.

Backerkit distribution query

Thank you, Lee, for saying this. It is really unprecedented for any company to reach this scale within one year of concept. I am amazed and appreciate that what I once thought of as an “if only” is right at the doorstep of becoming a reality.


Just to clarify, its vegan orders of all sizes before the largest standard orders? How many vegan orders are there


Will delivery days include weekends or weekdays?


I’m a little confused. If I were to place an order before 4/25 for one week of Soylent with the same address and email as my one month order they would be merged? Would this also place me into the 1+ month category letting me skip in line a little? At this point I wouldn’t mind paying an extra $65 to get an extra week of Soylent one week sooner than expected. Can someone confirm?


Shipping estimates generally count “business days”, which are, off the top of my head, weekdays only, minus federal holidays. I believe FedEx follows this standard for regular mail, and I think I also read confirmation of such in one of Julio’s posts (can’t remember which one though).

That was the impression I’ve gotten so far, yeah.