Soylent Update 4/8


Orders projected to begin shipping 4/21.
Backerkit orders will be locked down 4/11.
First batches of Soylent 1.0 will not be certified gluten free.
Some Backerkit add-ons removed.

It gives us great pleasure to share that the initial rice protein shipment arrived early last week, passed QA testing, and the first Soylent 1.0 production run began on Friday. If the final blended batch of Soylent 1.0 passes QA tests as expected, FedEx will begin shipping the first preorders Monday, April 21st.

On Friday we also received the first sample of Soylent 1.0, blended using all of our final ingredients (pictured above). We are extremely happy with how Soylent 1.0 turned out, and cannot wait to share it with all of you.

Unfortunately, initial gluten testing indicated a gluten content around 20 ppm, the upper limit for gluten-free certification. Given these trace amounts of gluten, Soylent 1.0 is not certified gluten-free. We are sourcing a gluten-free oat flour to resolve this issue.

In preparation for Soylent 1.0 orders beginning to ship, we plan on shipping Soylent starter kits (airtight pitcher + custom measuring scoop) to backers beginning Monday, April 14.

In order to begin shipping, we need to finalize our shipping records in Backerkit. This means that if you need to add/update your shipping address, you have until Friday to do so! To access your backerkit profile, click the link in your invite email. Please email if you need your invite email resent.

Once we lock down orders, the outstanding payments for any additional items added within Backerkit (such as extra weeks/months of Soylent or Soylent t-shirts/hoodies) will be finalized, and backers will be charged using the payment information provided when adding the items.

Unfortunately, we did not meet the minimum order quantity for the other add-on items – these have been removed from Backerkit, and since we have not locked down orders yet, no backers were ever charged for them. The removed add-on items are:

1000ml bottle
BlenderBottle Sport
12oz tumblers
Neoprene cozy

After the past year of testing a wide variety of bottles and containers for transporting Soylent, and with the input of the DIY community, we have compiled a list of recommended solutions for Soylent consumption on the go, located at the end of this post.

We are working on creating a custom bottle design, optimized for Soylent use and manufactured to our specifications. We hope to share more details on the process in the upcoming months.

As we get closer and closer to shipping, we have only increasing appreciation for the patience and support of our backers. We can’t wait to hear what you think of Soylent!

For more updates on our shipping progress, follow us here:

Soylent bottle recommendations:

Blenderbottle 28oz sport:

Thermos Vacuum 24oz:

Eco Vessel 25oz:

MSR Alpine 1000ml:

Soylent and Gluten
The gluten free diet: how many people need one, and why do we care?

Oh man, I was really sort of looking forward to the neat Soylent tumblers :frowning:

Any chance they’ll be available in the e-store in the future?

Also yes definitely, positive news overall. Certainly looking forward to shipment!


Fantastic!!! Soylent here we come!


er, @JulioMiles, heads-up: you’ve got a typo in your twitter link (as written: “/soylentme”). It’s on the blog version too :wink:



Thanks for the heads-up!


Very exciting. So I see that the ‘first preorders’ will begin shipping on the 21st; what does that mean for people who didn’t preorder until later? Any idea how long it will take for the last of the preorders to be shipped out?

I think I preordered around November, but I’m sure there are those who preordered before and after me who’d be happy to get any sort of projection on how long it will take before things are ‘caught up’ to new orders.


@JulioMiles Would it be possible to have a Soylent Starter Kit on Bakerkit that we could add on if we were to be gifting some of it? I’d like to include both a pitcher and measuring scoop for them.


@daniel_petway We plan on having all preorders shipped by the end of May, and will have more precise individual ship dates once we have a better idea of our weekly production rate.

@j8048188 good question, I’ll see if that’s a possibility.


Thanks for the quick reply. I can’t help but be nervous that there will be more unexpected delays on the later preorders, but for now I’ll try and hope for the best =)


@JulioMiles is the airtight pitcher still the 66oz one for $11?

[quote=“JulioMiles, post:1, topic:12022”]In preparation for Soylent 1.0 orders beginning to ship, we plan on shipping Soylent starter kits (airtight pitcher + custom measuring scoop) to backers beginning Monday, April 14.

Does this suggest one is coming free with my Soylent (3 month order)? I can’t remember as it has been so long and many things have changed. So for two I’d just need to add an additional one to my order?

While I’m at it, Soylent was meant to be a convenient ‘food’, while adding the oil isn’t THAT big of a deal, is there any plans in the future to get rid of the oil completely so Soylent is just 100% powder and you just need to add water then mix?


So, is it vegan/vegetarian friendly yet?


@JulioMiles Thanks so much for the shipping updates! Do you have any news to share regarding clinical trials (I know Rob had mentioned it at one point) or a version of Soylent with different macro ratios? It would be great to have a low carb version to increase weight loss for those with a higher sensitivity to carbohydrates. Looking forward to the future of food!


Will there be any way to edit our shipping info after the container ships? I’m moving before my Soylent would get here…


The powder is, but you will need to change the oil to keep it vegan.

@juliomiles, thanks for the update, glad to see it coming together at long last. I will second @shadowhawkxx, I was looking forward to the tumblers and would love to have the option to order them at some point. If your unable to provide them would you be able to tell us where we can go to source them?


And when will you be shipping to Europe?


Every customer will receive a starter kit.

Yeah, you can opt out of receiving the oil blend (contains fish oil) and substitute a vegetarian omega 3 source.

Not yet, but hopefully we’ll be able to make more progress on different blends once we begin shipping.

Shouldn’t be an issue, please just email when you need the change made.

Should be around Q3 2014.

Soylent Update 4/23

Is the airtight pitcher the one that hold a full days worth? If so will it stay cold for the whole day?


From what I understood, it wasn’t really meant as a thermos. It might keep the Soylent sort of cool by virtue of being a container, but I think the intent is to stick it in the fridge.


The airtight pitcher is intended for preparing Soylent and storing it in the fridge, it isn’t insulated and not recommended for carrying Soylent on-the-go.