Soylent Update 4/8


I agree with @ekalpakoff. I have Celiac disease, so this initial batch is worse than useless to me; it’s harmful. Is there any recourse for people like us? I would personally be willing to wait until you source the gluten free oats rather than have wasted my money on a weeks supply of something I can’t eat.


It seems like it would be a good idea for Soylent to add a check box to the BackerKit page that says “don’t ship until you have a certified gluten free recipe”. The FDA says 20ppm but others say 10ppm or even 5ppm

There are several certifying bodies that offer gluten-free certification, and each has its own criteria to ensure safety for consumers. Typically, the criteria includes testing the gluten content of the finished product. The current systems for gluten-free certification require gluten-free products to contain less than 10 parts per million (ppm) (NFCA/GFCP, GFCO, QAI/NSF International) or less than 5 ppm of gluten (CSA Seal of Recognition). These requirements go above and beyond the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s threshold of less than 20 ppm of gluten, adding an extra level of assurance for consumers and an extra point of distinction for manufacturers.


Is the amount of gluten in it actually enough to be harmful? It sounded more like a technicality than actually containing gluten, but I admit I don’t really know what normal values look like.


We recommend discarding any remaining Soylent after 3 days (refrigerated) or if you suspect it has gone bad.

Each month will come separately as 4 week boxes bundled together, each month is 25 x 21.5 x 10.5 inches and about 30 lbs.

We will be shipping larger orders first.

If you don’t have your Backerkit invite email (which contains a link to your profile) please email to get a new one.

You can order Soylent without the oil blend (only non-vegan ingredient is fish oil) and substitute your own omega-3 and fat sources. We hope to do away with fish oil soon, but no timeline yet.

Unfortunately our oat flour contains some gluten, we are working on sourcing a gluten-free oat flour quickly. We were unable to perform the gluten content assay sooner, as all the ingredients had to be delivered to our manufacturer first.

If you are unable to consume this initial batch of Soylent 1.0, we’re more than happy to refund you – please email with your refund request. We should be gluten free in a matter of months, and you can try Soylent then. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Is 20 PPM of gluten really that bad?

I’d second the idea of a “postponement” option for gluten-free orders. Unless it would be logistically unfeasible, just something like a personalized coupon code for “front-of-line” and/or expedited shipping once the gluten-free flour is available would be a nice touch for those feeling left out.

That being said, I’d imagine that only the upper levels of gluten reaction would have an issue with 20 ppm. It’s not low enough to hit “gluten-free”, but it still seems quite tiny. I’m by no means an expert, but it might be worth giving a shot for those with smaller degrees of intolerance.


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Is 20 PPM of gluten really that bad?

Here’s a picture of a 1-month bundle of Soylent:

25 x 21.5 x 10.5 inches
30 lbs.


I think I’m gonna cry… one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen.


I hope I will get a reply soon, I’m pretty sure I ordered before I moved and I don’t have email link i can change address with.


if you go to there should be an option to recover your account (as long as you remember the email address you used in the first place)


What’s the ETA for Canada?


… Odd. it says email not found.

I know I bought and paid for week worth.


so… lucky backer number 4882… your order is ready to be shipped!


Can I eat Soylent powder with a spoon and no water?

Does the powder itself expire (like if I leave it in the box for a month) or does that timer start when you mix it with water?


I don’t know about the first. You probably can, not sure how fun it would be. Try the “cinnamon challenge” first. :smile:

It’s been said that the powder, in its unopened bag, will last up to a year. Mold and bacteria have a hard time growing on very dry substances. But once water is added, they can feed on it just as well as you.


Thanks for the bottle recommendations :smile:


If we want to wait to order another month of Soylent (I’d like to see how I react to it before committing to more), when should we place that order so we don’t get interruption of our supply?

Or put another way, how long is the turnaround likely to be if we order a month’s supply on 5/1?


I second the question about timing of our second order. I’m assuming we’ll like Soylent but still want to try it first just in case there’s any issue with it. When should we order the next batch, assuming all goes well with the first? I ordered a month but it’s for two people so that’s 2 weeks each. Thanks!!


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How can we make sure we do not receive a glutenated batch?