Soylent Update 5/1


With most of the vegan orders shipped, we are extremely happy to announce that general Soylent 1.0 orders will begin shipping this week.

To ensure that we are able to manage our reorder rate and fulfill our preorders as quickly as possible, larger orders will be shipped first.

We are working to ensure that our fulfillment process is rock solid and that reorders placed by satisfied customers will be shipped without delay. In order to identify and fix shipping issues quickly, we will be scaling up shipping rates over the coming weeks.

We will not be able to provide estimates on specific ship dates for starter kits or Soylent orders until we have optimized our fulfillment workflow. A few weeks before your Soylent order ships, you will receive your Soylent starter kit. It includes a 2 liter airtight pitcher and custom Soylent measuring scoop.

We will email you if there are any issues with your order that will prevent it it from being shipped. You will receive notification emails with tracking information for both your starter kit and Soylent shipments.

Your order will be shipped to the address that you provided in Backerkit. If you would like to confirm your shipping address, click the login link in your Backerkit invite email. If you need a new invite, please contact the wonderful Backerkit support team at

You’ll surely agree that it’s been a long 11.66 months since we started the Soylent crowdfunding campaign. We could not have gotten here without riding an amazing wave of support and enthusiasm from our backers.

Thank you again. site update
Has the first bottle of oil shipped?

Woohoo! Can’t wait to get my order.


happy dance happy dance happy dance!!!


Excellent news! Looking forward to it.


@JulioMiles - is there any general consensus from Soylent HQ on how early we need to reorder to be reasonably certain we won’t be without Soylent? We’re on day 2 of our 1 month supply now, and I’m trying to decide if I preorder immediately or if I can wait a little while yet.

Thanks and congrats on getting things ramped up!


I imagine at some point there will be a “subscription” order available whereby a customer says please continue shipping me 1 month of soylent every month. At which point said customer does not actually have to re-order every month. If done properly, customers should receive their next months supply maybe a week and a half before they run out.


Yay! I guess “most” is the best measurement they can give publicly, but that’s fine. Especially if they’re reporting it as “orders” (starting with the largest sizes) instead of “weeks of soylent”. I’ll bet the day delay in the weekly update was so that they could cross over that 50% threshold. Whew, I was getting a little crazy there.

We also see that the wording has been changed from “you will receive soylent within two weeks” to “a few weeks,” confirming our earlier suspicions when Julio went silent. I wonder if the starter kits that were made after mine have this wording change.

The vegans who ordered less than a month are probably screwed when it comes to a reorder coming on time.


Can have updates on the shipping queue? For example: % of 1 month+ orders have been shipped, % of 1 month orders have shipped, etc…


This would be very nice, but it’s fallen on deaf ears the times it’s been suggested before. How do you suppose we can get them to at least respond to the suggestion?



Still would be nice if we had some idea on those extras we ordered @JulioMiles


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: - That’s all I have to say


It looks like my timing estimates were accurate.


Yay! Congrats guys, keep it up!

I hope my 9 weeks worth hits a magic threshold in the queue. :smile:


So what I read from this is we probably have almost 2 more months before many of us get our orders.

I haven’t received an email about the starter kit shipping, and we now know the kit takes about a week to arrive. After the kit arrives, it’s “a few weeks” before your order does. And there are many 2 and 3 month orders to go out before my 1 month order.

Time to order up another batch of DIY ingredients.


Thanks for the updates, I seen it on here first, then I got an email, and was like, OHHHH I hope thats my starter kit shipping detail… Nope just a link to the blog that I had already read, haha well played soylent :slight_smile: Feel like a kid on christmas waiting to start a new chapter in my life.


:slight_smile: As soon as I manage funds okay I’ll order bunch to be used as work lunch.


I am unsure if they ship

  1. the 1 month vegan,
  2. the 1 month pescetarian,
  3. the 2 weeks vegan,
  4. the 2 weeks pescetarian
  5. etc.,
    or if they ship
  6. the 1 month vegan,
  7. the 2 weeks vegan,
  8. etc.
  9. the 1 month pescetarian,
  10. the 2 weeks pescetarian
  11. etc.

Since I have ordered 2 weeks and they state that they have shipped “almost all vegan packages”, i guess they really meant “almost all 1 month vegan packages”.

Hope that someone can clarify this.


I also suggest to provide a more flexible abonement options. Not everybody wants to eat up a full month supply every 30 days. Maybe they eat only a two to three weeks supply a month. Or they consume a 1 month supply within 2 weeks, because they ordered for multiple people.


Yeah I am pretty disappointed to see the wording “a few weeks.” As someone with a one-month order I don’t expect to see delivery until late June at this point.


@JulioMiles I ordered a month of vegan soylent(when the option became available) while the backerkit was still up(can’t find the exact date) and I haven’t gotten any notification that I have soylent on the way. I understand if I’m at the end of the line, just thought I’d mention my situation in case I had fallen through the cracks.