Soylent Update 5/10/14


Fulfillment continued this week, and we will continue to scale up shipment volume over the rest of May. You will receive a shipment notification email when your starter kit ships, and another when your Soylent order does.

We understand that these delays are frustrating and are doing everything we can to fulfill your orders as quickly as possible. Thank you again for your patience and support.

It’s been an exciting week at Soylent:

The first recipients of Soylent 1.0 shipments have had a wonderful response

A brilliant article in the New Yorker was published

We released the new

And we shared Soylent with the hosts of Dinner Party

Some misc additional updates:

  • We are working to add bitcoin processing to our new site, hopefully in the next 1-2 weeks.

  • We’re still getting scattered reports of different bugs on the site. If you see anything that looks wrong when you visit, please let us know! Please send bug reports to, and make sure to include screenshots and browser version information.

  • New subscribers will be charged for their first delivery of Soylent, but no further charges will be made until after that delivery is made. First deliveries should be made 10-12 weeks after ordering.


Hoping this means the earlier notification email bug is all worked out?


This was about as informative as that gif you posted thanks!


@rob @JulioMiles there any way we can get an idea of where the shipping is? Like we have shipped X out of Y Z month orders?


Can you clarify (probably again) what happens with folks who have already ordered who then subscribe? Do we get the 10-12 week delay as well or will our subscription pick up after our initial order is supposed to run out (e.g. subscription shipment 2-3 weeks after a 1 month order is delivered)?


Thanks for the update, I know this is the toughest time out of any for a company.


Assuming this is still true:


Yeah I read that, just wanted to check and make sure it was still the plan. Thanks.


Yeah, pretty useless update. Would be nice to know if it’s going to be two more weeks or two more months.


I’m assuming at this point they’re in the dark when it comes to production/shipping fulfillment as much as anyone else. It’s probably all in the hands of the manufacturer who are shipping things out without a lot of rhyme or reason. Hence why they can’t say something to the effect of “X week orders have all been shipped”.


@JulioMiles So if I already ordered and want to start a subscription, is there a way to do that without getting charged till my first order gets here?


It would be nice to be in the know though instead of all of us assuming things that could or could not be.

I’ve been pretty quiet about all the previous shipping delays since they were giving at least some indication as to why they were in such a situation.

But now we were told “it’s shipping time!” And they went as far as to give us time estimates. And now THOSE are being delayed AND they’ve given us no indication as to why.

It’s great so customers are getting T-shirts. But most of us still in the dark, and honestly it’s irritating. I gave them my money, I want to know what it’s getting me.


If that is the case then then should fly someone to the co-packer and figure out what is going on. It’s their company and they need to figure out the problem and solve for it.


If this is indeed the case, I wonder if they’re contractually prohibited (for whatever reason) from discussing the logistics and delays inherent to their manufacturer’s assembly line. That would be a strange thing to be prohibited, but it would explain sort of a lot.


Honestly, NDAs are relatively standard, but a vague description would probably be all most of us outside the industry would understand anyway.

If the problem does lie with a vendor, it’s often difficult to know how to communicate that. If you can switch vendors, you can communicate the issue when you communicate the change, but if you are stuck with them it can make you look weak to say “It’s not our fault, but they’ve got us by the cojones so deal with it”.


Looking forward to getting Soylent, but seeing a picture of some guy sitting on nine months when they can’t get me one month is very frustrating.

“When will then be now?” - Dark Helmet


Anyone remember this?

@rob said:
I promise that any more remotely relevant issues, however unlikely they are at this point, will be communicated promptly, either via the blog or official twitter @soylent. If you have specific questions feel free to post them in a new thread and tag @JulioMiles or myself.

-January 6th, 2014.

In addition to the zero communication on the “remotely relevant issues, however unlikely”, it seems like plenty of folks have followed those directions to get answers, with zero results.

I’ve never had an issue with the delays. They’re expected. This is a new product, a new company, run by folks that are new to these kinds of processes. I get it. I welcome the steps to get it right.

What I can’t abide is the lack of transparency, when it’s been promised to us.

First was the promise of weekly updates, followed by multiple-week-long periods of silence. Then there were the apologies for said silence, along with the promise above, which ALSO clearly hasn’t been fulfilled.

I don’t care if it takes 6 more months to get it to me, guys. I just want the accountability I’ve been promised. If you have a dedicated dude on staff for addressing public concerns, he needs to step up and do just that… and not on an “every once in a while” basis.


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It’s apalling to realize the fact that they can neither communicate nor handle the work orders potentially because they are busy trying to handle the new orders coming in from the orchestrated publicity campaign. I certainly don’t wish to see the product sunk, but I think one way to handle this is to become active on the discussion threads of the articles hailing it as the new product, and to point out they have yet to deliver any evidence that they can even provide the product to the earlier supporters yet.


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