Soylent Update: Powder


Hello Community,

We are working hard on the next formulation of Soylent Powder (1.7), and should resume shipping in early Q1 2017, if not sooner. We know that many of you depend on Soylent as a major source of your daily nutritional needs, and want to do right by you until Powder is back on the market. We are now offering Powder subscribers Soylent Drink at a $10 discount per case. If you are a Powder subscriber, you will be receiving an email with instructions for opting in.

Given the differences in form factor and serving sizes it’s not possible for us to exactly match the Powder price point, but we have gotten the cost-per-calorie as close as possible. Additionally these orders are capped at 16 cases, which is approximately one month’s worth of Drink. This deal is linked to your account and will stay active until Powder 1.7 is launched.

We have built this platform to address the powder outage, as such it does not have the same flexibility of our standard subscription portal. We will be adding increased functionality but in the interim if you have any issues with the portal please don’t hesitate to contact

If this is your first time consuming 2.0 you can read more about the product on our FAQ.

We value our customers above all else and simply felt this temporary price reduction was the fair thing to do.

If you have any questions I’m here to answer as many of them as I can.


Huzzah for the shopkeeper!



Meanwhile Ive got $128 worth of another companys stuff on the way.


I will take advantage of that.


I’m not sure how much a case is. How many cases in 144 bottles?


Sorry typo, it was supposed to say 16 cases.


$10 off current price, or current subscriber price, or grandfathered subscriber price? Thank you for understanding that many of us need this to literally survive.

Max of 16 cases ever, or per month?


It would be $10 off of the normal $32.30 per case of 12 bottles.


Correct. So you would essentially get cases for the apox. cost of a box of 1.6.


10$ off the current stated price.


My only concern is that the system picked 96 bottles for me, which combined with the case and a half of 1.6 that I still have will hopefully be enough until powder shipments resume, because the FAQ for the bottles says for a full day is 5 bottles, meaning 96 bottles doesn’t even last 20 days.


@conor one request - please keep us more informed on 1.7 development than you would under normal circumstances.


Dear NAME,

We are writing to notify you that Soylent Powder is currently backordered until early 2017. We understand that you rely on Soylent to provide you with essential nutrition, and we apologize sincerely for this interruption in supply.

To minimize the effect of this interruption we are offering subscribers the chance to temporarily substitute their Powder subscriptions with a discounted Drink subscription ($10 off per case). This should allow you to maintain your Soylent consumption at approximately the same rate and cost.

If you take no action, your Powder subscription will automatically be reactivated once Powder is back in stock.

The email in question.


Unfortunately the information regarding 1.7 will flow as all our product do. When it’s ready to ship we will announce it. This is our standard operating procedure regarding product development.


The spice must flow!


So is it $10 off a $32.30 box for everyone? If you have a grandfathered subscription, is it $10 off a $29 box? I don’t care either way, I think it’s cool Soylent is doing something, just trying to figure it out and the responses so far have not made it clear to me.

And people have already received the email? I have never received a Soylent update email, should I wait longer or contact Soylent?


This is an opt in for powder subscribers effected by the outage. The portal is pretty straight forward, our CS team can work with you on minor tweaks to your order. The emails have gone out, so if you never got one we will generate one for you.


Unless I’m missing something, the offer is not giving me an equivalent amount of product. My subscription is for 28 bags for $216. The substitution is for 96 bottles for $178.40. So I’m going from getting 56000 calories (2000 x 28) of Soylent per month to getting 38, 400 calories (400 x 96) worth of Soylent a month.

Either I’m failing at math, or something isn’t adding up here. If the way it looks to me is correct, this is not an adequate substitute.


Ultimately we are attempting to do a 1 for 1 match up but given the form factors its not going to line up exactly. Our CS team is working to handle modifications if they are needed. This is not a precise system and this is intended as a short term fix until 1.7 is out.


Sounds like a bad default, though. He’s a 100% Powder subscriber, so the system should default to 12 cases (at least). That would cut down on customer service emails.