Soylent Update: Powder

Naturally I cannot speak for geneven, but my take on their situation is as follows:

They are used to the powder version, possibly even preferring it, so it becoming unavailable is inconvenient anyway.

Due to RL miscalculating remaining stock size during the first backorder (they initially said subscribers would still be able to get their subscriptions sent to them, and then changed this), geneven was unable to resume their subscription, so had to go without Soylent (or pay a much higher price) during that time period.

The powder version they are used to once again has become unavailable, which is another inconvenience.

And finally due to the original miscalculation during the first backorder by RL, despite being a very regular customer who I would speculate purchases more than the vast majority of Soylent users, geneven has been offered less discounted 2.0 than they should have been had RL not made errors. To add insult to injury, the email received was somewhat dismissive.

Now of course, you can take your viewpoint and say they should just view the discount as applying to all 2.0, just at a lower rate, but the point is, why should they have to? They may prefer the powder to 2.0 so this is already an inconvenience, and they are also receiving less of a discount for each box than other subscribers, despite being a very active customer.

I think it’s fairly reasonable to take issue with this service, especially given how much geneven has defended RL in the past. At times, I have been overly critical about nutrition and other factors, and geneven has often defended RL against them. For such a loyal customer, it is easy to understand the frustration of arguably being treated worse than other subscribers due to an error on RL’s end.


Wow, that was a pretty good statement of my case, Genesis. Now the idea of subsisting on “normal food” is starting to seem possible to me, especially with Thanksgiving approaching, and Egg Nog.


Powder must be addictive, and withdrawal makes the junkie super dramatic.

I have a supply now so am not on withdrawal. But I am about to run out and you will be dismayed to hear that I am sick of this RL B.S. and you soon might not have me to kick around any more, as Richard Nixon said, if you know who he was.

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That addiction is real when you’re used to eat this only food for several meals. I checked other products, but I want a nutrition-equivalent, neutral taste product, available in Canada, for around the same price compared to powder. Only Soylent 2.0 is filling that hole with this special offer.

After Conor told us to write to, I did, and got the email with the offer during the same day. Packs are ordered now. Yes, it’s some hassle, but not too much. I just hope I will like the taste of 1.7, I also liked the idea of a sustainable food like algae, though we all have to pay for this 0,1% that had problems with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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1.7 taste good, we tried to keep it somewhat similar to 1.6 so that there is not big flavor adjustment for consumers.

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lol artificial algae flavor added.


Tell you what, @Conor. Since it is so important to you to rip me off of my fair allotment of Soylent 2.0 to replace the 1.6 I really wanted, I have decided to donate my unfair allotment of 2.0 back to you and RL. You got it, congrats. Have some bottles on me!

I sent another support email today since it has been about a week and I have yet to hear back. If I don’t hear back from customer support in the next day or two I am simply cancelling my subscription and giving my business to a competitor.

Even if I can’t get the roughly equivalent price per calorie that was promised in the promotion, it is the lack of customer support and acknowledgement of my concerns that is causing me to reevaluate being an RL customer.

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I’ll follow up with customer service. Unfortunately as I explained with this opt in, there would not be an exact cost match up with 1.6.

It’s not about an exact cost match. The current offer isn’t even close to a match. Regardless, the lack of response is the real problem at this point.


Yeah, @conor said customer service could scale to handle this and they clearly can’t.


Customer service got back to me about 5 minutes after posting my last comment. They have increased the offer from 96 bottles at discount to 120. This changes it from a 17,600 Cal deficiency for $37.60 less than my $216 monthly cost to an 8000 Cal deficiency for $7 more. Still not great, but good enough for me for at least one order.


Thank you, RL. They upgraded my offer to a reasonable amount and I bought it. I apologize for the mean things I said.


I understand. I’m glad we could assit you and I do really appreciate your support of the product and mission. :heart:


Lucky. They won’t give me enough.

I had the same experience. All it took was a quick contact from the website today and I had the reply with the link within hours. Thanks Soylent!

I randomly got the email today. Im so stocked right now already.

I can see your point Gene. I would also be miffed if it happened to me.

After learning about the discount offer on the drink, I cancelled almost $400 order with Biolent because I prefer a brand I am familiar with. My subscription was 21 bags of powder for 84 meals. I ate 3 meals each day, so it was enough for one month. Now I am offered 72 bottles. Because each bottle is only 400 cal, I have to drink 4 bottles each day, which means it is only good for 18 days.

I contacted with customer service to increase the offer to 108 bottles and heard back after two days that they could not do this to me. It said “We regret to inform you that we are unable to make major quantity adjustments to a unique subscription like this. Our formula takes the current number of Powder cases you are subscribed to and multiplies this number by 2, and we then take $10 off each case to roughly match the same price per calorie as Powder.”

It is not about “the same price per calories”. It is about the same total amount of calories.

I am not sure what one upsets me more, unable to change to amount or wasting time to trust the customer service can adjust the amount according to this thread. I could have my Biolent shipped to me now. After being put on backorder twice in a roll without any notification, I was excited to see Soylent tried to do something to help. Now I am disappointed for the third time. Knowing I am only allowed to get 2/3 of what I need is worse than nothing. If customer service cannot adjust the amount, please do not send us to them.

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