Soylent Use by Women?

I’ve been reading about Soylent on and off for at least six months, but finally decided to take plunge after one my coworkers (male) started using. Strangely enough, the more I read the more I wonder what the percentage of female Soylent drinkers is. From a nutritional perspective I do wish Soylent was designed with a lower calorie version since 2000 calories is too much for my sedentary 5’ 4" body. But is there some other reason it is not appealing to women?
Taste wise I have tried both the 2.0 and the 1.5. I found the taste and texture if 2.0 to be much more appealing, but 1.5 won because I stay satisfied longer after drinking. I have an order of Lorann bakery emulsions on the way which will hopefully make the aftertaste more bearable. I admit the color is plain and fugly, but I’d rather not have artificial color added.
Soylent appeals to me because I do struggle with food addiction and my only successful diets in the past have worked because they were highly restrictive in the food I was allowed (vegan, etc). As soon as I eat one cookie, it turns into five more. I’m going 100% for that reason and will be consuming 1500 calories per day. It will be interesting to see how much weight loss results (if any) and how long I can tolerate this diet.


Which ones did you go for? When I try to do 100% Soylent I do get a bit bored by the taste, and I get a bit of an unpleasant aftertaste by the end of the day.

I found a four pack on amazon of red velvet, cream cheese, pumpkin spice, and some weird princess cake flavor. It should be here in two days and then the flavor experiments will begin.

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I’m 5’4", 120lbs. I eat 1200-1600 kcal/day. During the work week, that’s 2-3 bottles of soylent 2.0 + some other snack or small meal.
I’ve been using the LorAnn Flavor Fountain flavors, which are also colors. My favorites so far are lemon, orange, and blueberry. Lime and strawberry didn’t work so well with the soylent 2.0 base flavor.

eta: also, I’m a woman.

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In my limited experience, women don’t use soylent as much because it’s not social.

Cooking = family and friends gathering.
Soylent = not cooking.
Thus soylent = no friends and family gathering.

Not that you couldn’t still gather anyways, or just use it on busy days, but they feel like it’s a threat to a part of their connections with other people.

Of course that’s not all women. But it’s defiantly at least a few of them.

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When it was in the developmental phase, they toyed with the idea if different versions, and the first one tried was a male and female version. Once designed, it became apparent that there were very few generic differences between male and female besides calorie count, so it turned into basically Soylent 1800 and Soylent 2200. (for the calories) People started asking, why would I pay the same amount for less product? It is much easier just to consume more/less product than create a whole new SKU and production run. One gets enough nutrients even if they consume less product.

To read the full blog entry of the explanation at the time, see this link. (wayback machine link, because it is not available on the blog site anymore)


@asympt mentioned using the Lorann fountain flavors to flavor Soylent. I would like to try those as well, since I have only tried the super strength Lorann oils so far.

Also, @lukedriftwood mentioned Capella Flavors which I have never tried before, but look very promising. I think I will order a few to try.

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Hi there! I saw your thread and wanted to share my experience with you as a woman who has been drinking Soylent for nearly a year now. I started it in June 2015 with 1.5 powder, drinking it for breakfast and lunch. At the time, I was a 289lb. 5’11" woman who works at home and wanted to lose weight.

I won’t attribute my weight loss entirely to soylent, but like you I struggled with food addiction and Soylent really helped me manage that. The powder keeps me fuller longer than Soylent 2.0, but I made the switch because the texture of 2.0 and the ease of use (grab a bottle) were bigger benefits than staying less hungry a little bit longer.

I earned my 60lbs lost badge on Christmas Day of last year and since then I’ve managed to lose a total of about 74lbs through a combination of better diet and adding exercise to my sedentary life. I wouldn’t consider anything that I did extremely hard, other than sticking with my resolve to stop eating so much sugar.

I cut out sugar from my diet completely after switching to Soylent. I only drink water and my two Soylent meals for the day. For dinner, I’ll have beef/chicken/pork with a side of /broccoli/asparagus/brussel sprouts/green beans. I’ll mix and match from those to create a five day meal plan. I let myself have what I want to eat either Saturday or Sunday just to reset.

I’m still not at the weight that I want to be at, but I am much, much closer thanks to soylent helping me reduce my afternoon snacking habit.


How much flavoring do you typically add per bottle? Have you ever tried the powder before or only 2.0?

Personally I like 1.5 better for pretty much the same reason- it keeps me full longer. and I like the process of preparation. I find that 2.0 has this (to me) nasty soy aftertaste and the sweetness it has is a bit much for me. I’ll typically just mix up a pitcher and add about a tablespoon of sugar and about two tablespoons of cocoa powder and make a decision on PB2 or cinnamon from there, lol. A pitcher is typically a bit too much for me, so I’ll usually have about 1200-1500cal per day and stick the rest in the jar to make a next days’ batch and have the jar for breakfast/ snacking. It’s been about a month and a half for me now, and interestingly enough, I didn’t really have cravings through my last two cycles, if you catch my meaning. I typically crave lean white meat around that time, but I was able to stick to just Soylent!

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I would love to lose even half the weight you managed to take off. 228 here which is quite a bit ti carry on my short frame. At what point did you add in the exercise? Did you ever try 100% Soylent or have you been replacing 2 meals a day all along?

That is rather interesting. I am curious to see whether I will get my monthly week of migraine hell on 100%. Do you blend in your cocoa or just shake it in?

I like to open a new bag, toss my dry ingredients in, close the bag back up, and shake it to loosen up the powder. After all that it’s just shaking with water, occasionally unsweetened almond milk! I feel like a cinnamon more often makes the oat-y flavor less conspicuous for me, PB2 makes the oatiness (sp?) less conspicuous, the peanut taste blends well…

I try to have a little salty something as a snack at some point during the day or add it directly if I’m feeling really brave, I forgot to mention :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m female, 5’6", and my weight fluctuates constantly around 115-130lb. My main priority is keeping it above 120, because I get a lot of fatigue and other issues when my weight drops below that. Currently I’m having around 1200 calories of Soylent per day along with something like 900 to 1700 calories of relatively well-balanced solid foods, depending on how hungry I am and what I’m doing throughout the day. I find that strenuous exercise in the summer heat makes me lose weight like mad so I eat more to compensate. Moderate exercise at lower temperatures makes me gain weight(muscle), but I don’t change anything about my diet when I do that. When I go through phases of minimal activity, my weight doesn’t change much but I do lose muscle and gain fat.

I have used Flavour Apprentice flavourings for 1.5 with good results, and also like it mixed with cocoa. My favourite combination is banana flavour with cocoa powder. But usually I just have my Soylent plain because I’m lazy.

EDIT: I haven’t noticed any changes in menstrual symptoms related to Soylent, but I find my symptoms change a lot depending on how much I exercise.


@Prairiepanda that’s fair, I should probably mention I don’t exercise but when I did regularly my cycle was often up to three days shorter. It’s safe to say that before I was decently vitamin deficient, and the things I’m getting now (potassium, for example) are likely making it much more bearable because I’m really just balancing out. Cramps are lighter, and my flow is more tolerable, and it has been shorter by about a day (i have a phone tracker app to prove it). Hopefully other people get the same type of experience!

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Holy moly, that’s great stuff, congratulations! 7.5 pounds a month for 8 months!

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When I was using 1.4, I added two drops of LorAnn (double-strength) vanilla, and two drops of LorAnn orange essential oil or tangerine essential oil, per 500-calorie serving, to get a subtle creamsicle flavor. That’s all I needed.

I haven’t felt the need to flavor 2.0, but if I were, I’d start with a drop of each, since the starting flavor is milder and the serving is smaller, and a second of each if that wasn’t enough.

(This is to say, the concentrated LorAnn flavors go a long way.)


actually, women are more likely than men to have responsibility for feeding others, often children. if you’re preparing food for them anyway, having soylent yourself is less efficient.

I’ve never used powdered soylent.

I introduce Soylent to a lot of people and get a lot of feedback. For the most part, women in my experience have the same fears as the men (it’s processed, it has soy, GMOs, gluten, fat, maltodextrin, etc.). The only difference I’ve noticed is that occasionally, you’ll find one who sees it as invalidating what she believes to be one of her most valued skills (cooking). It’s a product of the whole “women in the kitchen” mentality we still have in the US, but I think it’ll die out over the next decade.

(Girlfriend, mom, and sister all proofread this)