Soylent Use by Women?

I would love to lose even half the weight you managed to take off. 228 here which is quite a bit ti carry on my short frame. At what point did you add in the exercise? Did you ever try 100% Soylent or have you been replacing 2 meals a day all along?

That is rather interesting. I am curious to see whether I will get my monthly week of migraine hell on 100%. Do you blend in your cocoa or just shake it in?

I like to open a new bag, toss my dry ingredients in, close the bag back up, and shake it to loosen up the powder. After all that it’s just shaking with water, occasionally unsweetened almond milk! I feel like a cinnamon more often makes the oat-y flavor less conspicuous for me, PB2 makes the oatiness (sp?) less conspicuous, the peanut taste blends well…

I try to have a little salty something as a snack at some point during the day or add it directly if I’m feeling really brave, I forgot to mention :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m female, 5’6", and my weight fluctuates constantly around 115-130lb. My main priority is keeping it above 120, because I get a lot of fatigue and other issues when my weight drops below that. Currently I’m having around 1200 calories of Soylent per day along with something like 900 to 1700 calories of relatively well-balanced solid foods, depending on how hungry I am and what I’m doing throughout the day. I find that strenuous exercise in the summer heat makes me lose weight like mad so I eat more to compensate. Moderate exercise at lower temperatures makes me gain weight(muscle), but I don’t change anything about my diet when I do that. When I go through phases of minimal activity, my weight doesn’t change much but I do lose muscle and gain fat.

I have used Flavour Apprentice flavourings for 1.5 with good results, and also like it mixed with cocoa. My favourite combination is banana flavour with cocoa powder. But usually I just have my Soylent plain because I’m lazy.

EDIT: I haven’t noticed any changes in menstrual symptoms related to Soylent, but I find my symptoms change a lot depending on how much I exercise.


@Prairiepanda that’s fair, I should probably mention I don’t exercise but when I did regularly my cycle was often up to three days shorter. It’s safe to say that before I was decently vitamin deficient, and the things I’m getting now (potassium, for example) are likely making it much more bearable because I’m really just balancing out. Cramps are lighter, and my flow is more tolerable, and it has been shorter by about a day (i have a phone tracker app to prove it). Hopefully other people get the same type of experience!

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Holy moly, that’s great stuff, congratulations! 7.5 pounds a month for 8 months!

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When I was using 1.4, I added two drops of LorAnn (double-strength) vanilla, and two drops of LorAnn orange essential oil or tangerine essential oil, per 500-calorie serving, to get a subtle creamsicle flavor. That’s all I needed.

I haven’t felt the need to flavor 2.0, but if I were, I’d start with a drop of each, since the starting flavor is milder and the serving is smaller, and a second of each if that wasn’t enough.

(This is to say, the concentrated LorAnn flavors go a long way.)


actually, women are more likely than men to have responsibility for feeding others, often children. if you’re preparing food for them anyway, having soylent yourself is less efficient.

I’ve never used powdered soylent.

I introduce Soylent to a lot of people and get a lot of feedback. For the most part, women in my experience have the same fears as the men (it’s processed, it has soy, GMOs, gluten, fat, maltodextrin, etc.). The only difference I’ve noticed is that occasionally, you’ll find one who sees it as invalidating what she believes to be one of her most valued skills (cooking). It’s a product of the whole “women in the kitchen” mentality we still have in the US, but I think it’ll die out over the next decade.

(Girlfriend, mom, and sister all proofread this)


Die out eh? In the next decade you say? Heh, if I am ever in the market for a woman again, I’d like to know where you found one of those that you refer to who sees cooking as a valuable skill for her to have.

64 y/o woman. I’ve been enjoying Soylent for almost 2 years. It appeals to women for the same reasons as men- convenience, nutrition. Yes women are usually responsible for preparing meals but that doesn’t mean we enjoy what the family wants. For those times Soylent is a great alternative. There is no reason you can’t sit down with the family with your Soylent while they chow down on their orange chicken.
If I’m doing an all Soylent day I usually have a total of 1400-1600 calories. Any more and I would gain weight. Most days I’m having breakfast and lunch or dinner. So 2 meals a day.
I take all the GMO soy nutrition research/stories with a grain of salt (which we no longer need to add). If you have concerns and have a healthcare provider you trust I would give them the nutrition info on Soylent and have an honest discussion.
Welcome to the group


Vagina’d human here. Soylent is a huge part of my life. I’m putting off a move to the EU because Soylent isn’t available there yet.

I use Soylent because I am:

  • possessed of and dependent upon a body that I must nourish
  • not inclined towards the preparation of food as a hobby
  • wealthy in neither time nor money

According to this thread, and perhaps moreso Conor’s responses in this thread, European Soylent may be here soon. I know @pauldwaite will be happy to stop paying exorbitant re-shipper fees for his dose.

(Side note: Soylent availability is now determining to some extent where some people live. I am not sure what to make of that.)


Yeah I’m super stoked! And for the record, I wouldn’t put off my move forever just to keep an easy Soylent supply. But since it’ll happen reasonably soon, I’ll rather wait.


I made an error in my earlier post. I said I had been enjoying Soylent for nearly 2 years. Turns out it’s been almost 3. It wasn’t till I saw one of those “your memories on Facebook” with photo of my Soylent PB cookies did I realize this all started in 2013.
If you want that recipe you can search discourse it’s somewhere in an old post.


I dunno man, it makes me feel fancy.


Just today I added two teaspoons of cocoa powder to my glass of 1.5 powder soylent and it greatly improved the taste.


Could you show us a picture of this glass, perhaps with a banana, for scale?

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Lady here. I consume schmilk not soylent, but same deal. Didn’t like the taste of 1.4 or 2.0. Didn’t try 1.5 but since most people seemed to think 2.0 is better I doubt I’d like it.

I wonder if there are really fewer women consuming it or if it is just a perception issue? I don’t think RL intended to be sexist in their initial advertising, but it was proposed as a way to eat when you don’t have time because you’re too busy coding/working all day. I’m sure this applies to a lot of women, but I think like someone above mentioned women are generally still the planners in their family and expected to cook or to plan the meals. Skinny is also a term considered complimentary to women, not-so to men. So a guy might think it’s important to make sure he eats and stays out of being underweight. A woman might use overworking in order to stay as thin as she believes society wants her to be. I could see a lot of households where if the guy wants to go rogue and do his own thing for lunches/dinners it’s not seen as a big deal. But if the woman/wife does it could throw off the whole family dynamic.

That’s just some speculation though. Like other ladies in this thread, I turned to it as a meal-substitute for weight loss. Because I have a tendency to overeat/binge, it’s a useful restriction that makes it easier for me to stay on my plan. I suspect that’s a huge, slightly undertapped market for soylent. I have a parent who did Medifast as a kid. This is a lot more affordable. And a lot healthier than alternates like Ensure/Slimfast with all their added sugar. Concerns about GMO might unnecessarily spook people away. In my personal experience, women tend to buy more into the homeopathic woo while men tend to buy into other kinds of more political woo.

But all this is just anecdotal and purely speculative. And possibly offensive. Sorry.