Soylent use in ice cream



I wonder if I can use soylent in ice cream replacing some nutrients, leaving healthier.

I’m trying to create a healthy meal in my college project.

I accept suggestions,

Thank U. :emoticon:


There was some early discussion about Soylent ice cream. Consensus as I recall was that as long as you actually use an ice cream maker that continuously mixes as it cools, it can work. If you just freeze Soylent, it basically turns to concrete. Not sure about taste though… would have to play with that a bit.


With my first batch of just freezing soylent icecream I stuck it in the fridge 2~ hrs before I intended on eating it, then just smoothied it in the jar with a spoon. Banana, few tbs peanut butter, and chocolate sauce were used. Definitely palatable, but a bit ice-y indeed.


I wonder what would happen if you added cream or some other agent to it?

I always thought it was the fat in the cream that kept ice cream from freezing too hard, and I guess Soylent has fat in it, but maybe not the right kind?


Oh, I was just lazy with obtaining ingredients this round. I’m planning on getting milk, heavy cream or whatnot, for my next batch. I believe in part though @vanclute is right though that having an ice cream maker is the important part to continuously mixing it as it cools. With my actual very first cup I made I was consistently stirring it every 20-30 minutes, so it had a much better consistency. Only ate half of that, back in the freezer with no mixing and rock solid.


Well, keep us updated. Did you add any sugar or other sweetener?