Soylent User Experience Research Signup


Greetings Discourse,

I come asking for your help! We are making some changes to improve our user experience. We would very much like as much feedback as possible.

As you have noticed we are steadily making changes across the board as we grow. The community has always been invaluable in our growth. So if you have a few minutes to spare please sign up for the research group.

Thank you and good day to you all.


Before I go and fill out the form, I want to clear up who you’re looking for a bit. I’ve been on a DIY formulation for a long time, but I’ve got a couple weeks of 1.0 in the backing days and might get some 1.4 at some point since it’s a notable milestone. I’m not a current customer and a vast majority of my (S/s)oylent intake has been DIY.

Are you guys interested in the “user experience” of people on any sort of liquid diet who visit this board (which would include the DIYers), or are you more looking into the “user experience” of order placement, shipping, and customer support (which I wouldn’t be able to comment on)?


This user experience will be across the board, right now it is about customer experience. All feedback is valuable. You don’t need to be a current customer.


Another DIYer here, just signed up. I didn’t check the box to meet at your offices, though if you want to pay for a vacation to LA…


Thank you! Maybe one day :smiley:


I’m somewhat excited to see the BRIC block listed, along with UK, Canada and… Germany? What could this mean…

Maybe I’m just assuming too much X)


Count me in!

Anything to further the advancement of Soylent Science™.


Am I hearing that you will give notice before you are changing the formula? I would very much love to know that. Optimally, I would love to be able to buy a weeks worth of a proposed formula so I can decide if I can live off of it or not. I would hate to be stuck with 4 weeks worth of Soylent that I can’t use.


This is all designed to give us more insight into what our users want. As we have grown we have been able to add more capabilities that we hope will lead to a really engaging and enjoyable experience for all of you.


It’s a shame we need to be over 18 to participate, I won’t be turning 18 until mid April next year.


It will be on going :smile: