Soylent user vs. pet ownership survey

I’m interested in this as well so I’m putting a survey together with Google docs. What questions would everyone like to see on it? Personally I’m curious about not only whether people own pets or not (and what kind) but also what the gender & age (adults vs. children) is of the household and how many will be using Soylent. No particular reason other than my own nosy curiosity LOL

This survey will be totally anonymous however all will be able to see the results.

Anyone want to help construct the questions?


There are all kinds of things that might show correlations:

Preferred Desktop OS: Windows, OSX, Linux
Preferred Mobile OS: Android, iOS, Windows Phone (hah!)
Industry you work in: Tech, other-non-tech-stuff (I dunno, I work in tech)
Income level (should we do household or personal?)
Education level: High school, some college, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctorate, etc.
Do you have children?
Single, married, divorced, widowed

I dunno. I’m just throwing things out there at this point. Someone else needs to chime in.

Of course, if we make it too long people won’t bother.

@vanclute - Make sure to update the original post in this thread once you’ve created the survey so people don’t have to go searching for the link.


A survey like that would be quite interesting. I’d be happy to participate. :smiley:

And, cats of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cats are like the soylent of pets, you put nutrients in a bowl, and a box for those to come out, and you don’t have to worry about much of anything else, ha. And, I’m a cat owner, for those who have not seen my videos. Will be interesting to see the results, since most people are getting soylent for the ease of it, and a cat is pretty easy compared to a dog.


LOL you clearly don’t have very demanding cats. :wink:

So as to the survey… yeah I didn’t know if we really wanted to get into more personal demographic stuff like household incomes, industries, etc. as that stuff can be deemed a bit personal to many. But, they can always just be skipped. The only answer I intend to require is “do you own pets?”. Everything else would be optional, so I’m good with anything anyone wants to add. More opinions please! =D

Just to be clear, the plan is to create the survey in Google Docs so everyone can take it and see aggregate results. No need to stick your answers here, I was just looking for input as to what questions to ask. :slight_smile:

My dog poops outside, and I have someone that comes every two weeks to clean up the poops. If I had a dog door (can’t add one, I’m renting), I wouldn’t even have to open the door to let him out. Most people seem to have “inside” cats, and the idea of having a litterbox in the house kinda grosses me out.

And, my dog is an adorable “forever-puppy” (he is the min pin, the jack russell is my roommates’):


Don’t do open-answer fields in Google Docs. I did that once and posted a link publicly. After tons of spam in it, I changed it to multiple-choice only.

Probably should ask whether someone is looking to consume Soylent for any common reasons (Weight loss, healthy diet, conserve time, annoy girlfriend with flatulence)

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Yep wasn’t planning on any open answer, although their “other” field by default allows for type-in. I wanted to allow that in case someone has a class of pet not represented in the question. But you raise a good point… will have to think about that!

I doubt that would have been anyone’s initial reason, but it certainly has been the outcome in more than one case! LOL

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This could easily become a dog picture feed :wink: So tempted to post my guy.

Make gender non-binary, please. Even M/F/Other would be fine.

Pets, too. (I have 7 pets–more, if you count snails. None are cats or dogs.)

Oohhh politics! How about a Likert scale for social policy and one for economic policy? (That was my Mr.'s idea.)

Current state or zip code?

Good suggestions all! Dunno how to accommodate political views (I’m fairly rabidly non-political myself) but am open to suggestions if they work within the Google docs forms framework.

Yeah don’t make me go all cute on your collective asses… I’ve got pictures that most people don’t believe are real. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Google “Likert scale.” 1-most conservative, 5-most liberal

Man your cats have you trained!


The trouble there is that many people are not simply “liberal” or “conservative” but may be both depending on the issue at hand. I’m not sure we can reasonably handle this in a simple survey.

Oh you have no idea. LOL


Number in Household
Others in Household on Soylent?
Exclusively on Soylent?

A way to ask if there’s more than one type of pet and which one taker identifies best with.

Echoing @web_kunoichi I would also be interested in both gender and politics. For gender two questions would be nice of both gender and gender assigned at birth.

For politics, it’s really hard to quantify but at least dividing categories between economic and social will hit a large range of ideologies. Like
laissez faire vs command
Non-interference vs Enforced Norms

While we’re at it:

How many weeks of official Soylent have you ordered
Have you received it yet
Why haven’t you filled out the tracker on the diy site?!?!!??!!? :smiley:
Have you tried DIY
Are you currently using DIY
What percentage of your meals do you plan to replace with Soylent or DIY soylent