Soylent using Sucralose as an Artificial Sweetener


I’ve been looking forward to introducing Soylent into my diet but I really did not like that Sucralose is used. If the idea is to replace a large number of your meals with Soylent, I don’t think it’s safe to be consuming that amount of artificial sweetener. I hope they explore other means of natural sweetening.


This has been discussed in depth. All artificial sweetners are not the same, they aren’t even the same category of molecule, and there is no evidence that sucralose is dangerous.


Lots of discussion on sucralose

and a section of Rob’s response in the initial applications thread (highlighted for emphasis):


Thanks for providing Rob’s response, it was very helpful.


no problem. I’ve said it before, but honestly a big reason I actually paid attention to this at the start (rather than considering it “magic internet powder”) was the huge amounts of thought and research Rob puts into his posts.

If his initial blog had just left it at “I did some research, and I think this is good”, I wouldn’t have been nearly as impressed :smiley:


thanks for providing the link @shadowhawkxx, I would have but I didn’t have time to dig it up