Soylent v2.1 Wishlist and Future Developments


I think @wingedwolfpsion is referring to a 1200-calorie-per-day version that also provides 100% of the RDA for nutrients and stuff.

I know that nutrient need is meant to roughly scale with calorie consumption, but I’ve never seen specific advice on that.


Yeah, that’s my take on it. I’ve decided not to sweat it, since getting 80%* of the requirements is probably vastly better than I ever got pre-Soylent. But I’m also not an athlete of any sort, and wingedwolfpsion and others may be coming from diets that were a lot closer to 100%.

  • I do supplement with a very good multivitamin that brings several things up to 100%, but there are several nutrients it doesn’t contain. And of course there are a couple that Soylent presumably tunes to men’s requirements instead of women’s higher requirements.


Yeah was iron one of them?


Both Iron and Calcium, iirc. Sometimes I’ll toss some Ovaltine powder in, because it contains both. (And if I’m bothering to do that, I’ll usually add some salt substitute for the added potassium.)


What salt substitute do you use?

I am often low on potassium. Worst pain I have ever felt was when I was in a hospital and they decided to give me potassium in my saline line. Well the saline ran out before the potassium and I became aware of a burning sensation. It felt like my arm was on fire! If you had asked me at that moment if I wanted to chop my arm off to spare me the pain I might have agreed. I was hitting that nurse call button like crazy.


You’re lucky to be alive. You were getting an IV of straight potassium chloride, which is the exact same substance they use to stop the heart of a convict getting a lethal injection (the other two drugs knock the person out and stop their breathing).

People have died from overdoing it on sodium-free salt substitutes for this very reason. To be safe, use Lite Salt (1/2 sodium and 1/2 potassium) instead.


It’s called “Original No Salt”. It’s got 650mg of potassium per 1/4 teaspoon.


That is how “regular” food works. If you eat normal food, you’ll get scaling nutrients.


That’s why I only eat superfoods.


Well surely that depends what “normal” or “regular“ food you eat?

I meant that I’ve never seen specific dietary advice that said if you need 1600 calories a day, you also, by useful coincidence, have an RDA for all your other nutrients that’s 80% of the regular ones.


Normally, we don’ rely on statistics to guide our consumption. Even infants in the crib often decide when and how much they will be fed by crying. Later, parents are guided by statements like “I’m hungry!” “how about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?” “I"m tired of fish!” I don’t like brocolli!" “Let’s go to McDonald’s!” and the like.

After trusting kids to make so many decisions, as adults we are suddenly worried about how many grams of protein we get a day.

I suppose that someday we’ll be asking computers, “Robbie, can I have a tuna sandwich? Can I have mayonaise and pickle with that? No? How about with onion?”


There are two main improvements I’d like to see:

  1. An dramatic increase in the soluble fiber content.

  2. Kosher certification by a reputable organization (like OU or Star-K).


Yeah I know. Personally, I’m not particularly fussed.

It’s just that “how do I get my RDA on 100% Soylent if I don’t want to consume 2000 calories a day” is a frequent question on here, and “Your RDAs scale with your calorie consumption” (to paraphrase) is a frequent response — but I never see a source cited for it.

And sure, it’s fine to not worry about consuming the RDA — but when Soylent is advertised as containing 100% of your RDA, I think it’s a reasonable question.


Seems the latest batch has reduced the amount of adhesive. Dramatic improvement. No longer have to drink soylent out of a teddy bear. :slight_smile:


I think it’s also worth mentioning that the other frequent response, “You need 100% of RDAs regardless of how many calories you consume”, never has sources cited either.

If I may hazard a guess, I would assume that the actual answer is going to vary from vitamin to vitamin and from person to person. Assume a vitamin that every cell in the body needs a tiny bit of every day regardless of exercise levels. Two people with the same body types but different amounts of exercise would need the same amount (not proportional to calories). A very small person and a very large person, on the other hand, would need different amounts (proportional to calories).

And if we get into the more likely case of nonlinearly scaling requirements, both of the common responses are wrong. We (humanity) probably just don’t know the answer yet, especially considering that RDAs are, from what I can tell, mostly determined by treating the body as a black box and seeing what amount of intake causes it to break. I don’t know whether the scaling or non-scaling approximation is closer to ground truth.

I tend to lean towards scaling just because it’s easier to formulate, it’s the amount you get (in theory) from a balanced diet of conventional food, and it just sort of makes sense to me. But I don’t actually know, so whatever. I’ll probably be fine either way.


A low calorie version with better macros… Fibre needs to be doubled to meet current medical science recommendations for adults, and a bit more protein wouldn’t hurt. I’d also love to try a keto version.


I wonder if we are approaching the time when options become available. Things might not yet be scalable, but maybe they are, and that would be good. When solid/paste Soylent comes out, multiple flavor offerings will be absolutely essential, but macro variation that reflects some of the requests seen here would make sense now, too. I think Soylent is now a mature enough product line to start developing target niches, like workout people, dieters, gluten avoiders, etc.


So it’s been a week since I started on 2.0, slowly ramping up from 1 bottle a day to eventually 4 or 5 bottles a day (depending on other plans for meals, social life, etc).
I have been reading through the forum and this thread in particular with great interest, and I’d like to add my own feedback here for 2.1 whenever you start working on it.

  • More Fibre: This is critical on days when I’m getting 100% of my calories from Soylent. The current product just doesn’t have enough to keep things… moving
  • Less Carbs: I know there is much debate about low carb & keto diets, but for those of us who have tried it, the success (and health benefits) are incredible. Is it possible to get the 2000 calories with all the nutrition I need and maybe half the carbs?
  • No artificial sweetener: I understand the reason why you went with Sucralose for this version, but it does tend to cause headaches and other side effects, and it would be one less thing to criticize if the product didn’t contain artificial sweetener.
  • An app for that: I downloaded the Soylent App from the iPhone App store, thinking it was an official Soylent App. Turned out to be buggy as heck, and totally unsupported by the developer (website doesn’t even work anymore. I need a way to get all the data from each bottle of Soylent into the Health App, and track all the nutrition that I get from it. Would also be useful to have an alarm to remind me when it’s mealtime, and automatically adjust my monthly Soylent order to replenish my fridge just in time.
  • Finally, if this is possible given my other requests, it would be nice if the price could be lowered a bit. It would help to persuade friends and family that I’m not crazy if I can point to the cost of food per day as something less then what I was spending before. (with 2.0 it would be about the same).

What say you @Soylent and @Conor - Are any or all of these possible? Anything that is unlikely to happen?



I predict your bowels will adjust fully within 2 weeks. Just get used to having a solid BM less frequently.

As for price, I get it that it would be great if everything were less expensive, movies, gas, etc., but where else can you get complete nutrition for $12.00 a day ($7.70 if you blend up v1.5 powder)?

Hang in there…


One more thing. Drink a lot of water and take a probiotic for a few days if you feel a little stopped up. I use Schiff Digestive Advantage probiotic gummies and it works like a charm.