Soylent v2.1 Wishlist and Future Developments


I argued that Soylent subscriptions should be on a once-a-month basis like all my other bills, but the company seems to be resolved on a 28-day schedule for some reason.

I doubt that 2.0 is going to be made cheaper. In fact, i expect that add-ons will become available soon that will in effect increase prices for many customers.

Welcome to Soylent!


I add flavor to my Soylent. This is an old idea that has cycled in and out, but that I’d like to raise again: flavoring. I add flavors fine to 1.5, but for 2.0, the only thing I like is the family of additives in the “Milk Magic” genre. They’re like Mio for milk, and they work perfectly with 2.0 in my view. The problem is that they are hard to find and thus, where available, sold at ridiculously inflated prices. A dedicated Soylent-associated version would therefore be very welcome.


2.0 is very convenient without making changes. Adding stuff requires a new bottle or something similar. That kind of wrecks the charm for me. Besides, I think it tastes just great without change.

This is not an argument against RL making changes, but against the inconvenience of our making changes to 2.0.


Depends where you look and what you consider rediculous.

Milk Magic, Milk Flavoring Straws, Variety Pack Including Chocolate and Strawberry, 12 Six-Packs, 6 of Each Flavor


I don’t want the extra flavor to be in the Soylent. I want a Soylent-specific version of milk magic that one can add (or not) to be available as a supplement. Nothing about 2.0 would change. It would be an add-on product.


Those are straws, not something you can add to Soylent like Mio.


What’s a good price?

I actually just ordered a 4 pack of these with coffee flavors to try out, 4x24 servings for $19. Never bought them before, so I don’t know how the prices usually go…


One store sold milk splash (a related product) for $3.50, and I got it on sale for half price, so that was good. They stopped selling it as soon as I found it, of course, and it was the only physical store that I’ve ever found that sold anything like it. The closest thing I’ve since found is Johnny Moo on Amazon, which sells 3-packs for $18-20, which works out to over $6 each. That’s a massive markup. These things should be no different than Mio, which is now a product category unto itself with lots of competitors, and you can always find one or another on sale for comfortably less than $3/each. There doesn’t seem to be any reason why the drops you add to milk (or Soylent) should cost any more than drops that you add to water.

Hence my desire for Soylent to make their own drops. If you haven’t tried them with your 2.0, by the way, I highly recommend it. The strawberry flavor makes the Soylent taste just like Strawberry Quik, which somehow feels wrong, since Soylent is a meal and Strawberry Quik, back when I used to drink it as a kid…wasn’t.


There are cheaper ways to flavor. Many of us have used products like LorAnn flavorings, which take only drops per pitcher (maybe a drop or two per bottle) to do the job.


I want 500 kcal drinks. :frowning:


I flavor the pitchers of 1.5 very differently and more cost effectively than 2.0 as well. I usually use vanilla, but sometimes use PB2 or another alternative. It is 2.0 that is expensive given the crazy markups, because the options are not the same. I tried to use my 1.5 flavoring techniques for 2.0, and they don’t work.


Ready-to-eat cakes, bars, cookies and crackers, ready-to-heat Atkins type canned chili, Keto type canned meat stew, and ready-to-eat ice cream, and make this all available at nearly every grocery store.


Yeah, I add two scoops of a protein powder to my 1.5. I don’t know how I would go about putting them in 5 bottles of 2.0 evenly. I don’t expect Rosa Labs to bring the protein up to my needs in the base product, however.


I’d like to see a low calorie version. I begin gaining weight on 2k calories immediately, so I have been drinking 3 bottles daily and supplement with a multivitamin, some fiber and 40g protien. I end up at around 1600 calories per day and I don’t gain weight at that level.


So why not just continue consuming less, to reach your 1600 calorie goal? (Serious question, not snark.)

Even if you didn’t supplement with a multivitamin and 40g/protein, you’d still get more than enough vitamins (at least 80% of your RDI, if not more because of the nature of some sliding scales) and enough protein (80g of protein is enough for even those who exercise moderately/heavily).


Because it leaves you feeling very hungry. At least it does for me.


So 1600 calories of 2.0 = hungry but 1200 calories of 2.0 + 400 calories of protein + fiber = not hungry? Or are we comparing different things? I imagine the added fiber rather than swapping 2.0 for protein is the biggest factor there.

I mean 1600 calories would leave me feeling hungry but I’m running a caloric deficit if I eat 2600 calories a day.


Dear lord please increase the fiber. I just figured out recently that I’d been spending months with Soylent diarrhea because of the low fiber - after a bunch of exclusion testing it was finally the inclusion of psyllium fiber that finally got rid of it.


I’d like to echo the wish for more protein and fiber.
I’m a medium non-athlete female, but would still like more protein–perhaps at 25-30% levels. I don’t think you need to be keto/low-carb to want this.
The fiber seems low–it would be nice to increase that both for digestive regularity and for feeling full.
I find myself craving salty foods when on Soylent, so have started snacking on a couple peanuts to stave that off. I don’t know if this is because Soylent is low-sodium or just an unhealthy craving for snacks. I actually find that the sugar in Soylent feels like a lot, so it satisfies my sweet tooth though.
Small increase in potassium.
Finally, I’d love the option of gift packs / trial packs. Does anyone know if these exist? I’d like to be able to send 2-4 bottles to friends and family at perhaps $3.50 per bottle or something reasonable so it’s worth it financially for RL.
I know RL is working on flavor. I think it sounds easiest to just sell flavor packs to add to regular Soylent rather than having to buy different bottles.

In summary:

  1. Protein increase to 25-30%
  2. Fiber increase
  3. Sodium+ / sugar- / potassium+ adjustment?
  4. Gift packs


We might see increased fiber in 2.1 as well.