Soylent v2.1 Wishlist and Future Developments


I’ve suggested a square bottle before. People didn’t seem to get it. I’m glad someone does.


Multiple discovery FTW.


I love Soylent.

I don’t care about fiber and I remember Rob saying that there is literally no reason to have fiber, so I know it was calculated.

What I want RL to look into is adding cholesterol and more saturated fats but I also know that they tend to be in animals foods and Rob isn’t into that. Also would love some creatine, but it’s really easy to add 5g’s yourself.

I also echo some of the sentiments about having more than 100% DV. It’s common knowledge that the DV is based on data from 1968. I’d prefer something based on the more recent Recommended Dietary Allowances (from the IoM) or somewhere between the RDA and Upper Limit. They state it’s not intended to replace all meals and given the poor quality of most common food it would makes sense to have more of the % RDA in Soylent to more often hit the RDA if one doesn’t eat 100% Soylent. Definitely don’t want to be near the UL if you were to consume 2000 kcal but it doesn’t hurt (besides cost) to be 100-400% RDA.


The problem with adding creatine to every meal is that you develop tolerance - that is, your body recognizes you’re consistently getting additional creatine over time and produces less itself, so you end up with the same creatine levels in your cells as before you started supplementing it. It’s good to have additional creatine before working out so you can get a little more bang from your muscles, but making it daily neutralizes the benefit.


There is no reason to consume cholesterol. I have literally never had any through diet in my entire 43 year life, and perform athletically at a near-Olympic level. (Track and Maths)


Creatine is like carbs in that it’s just energry for our muscles, if we eat a lot then our muscles fill up once they’re full they don’t fill anymore’. Studies in rats fed high doses show this. But in normal everyday doses we fill what we use and don’t have much extra waste. This also means if we don’t take any our muscles just use other energy sources (ie. vegetarians) but if we supplement when we are low the uptake is significantly increased. Additionally our muscles don’t produce creatine, we only gain muscular creatine by oral consumption either by supplementation or from meat.

You can’t live without eating cholesterol, it’s in every animal food, including mothers milk. While cholesterol is vital for normal brain function (Maths included) and eating eggs improves serum cholesterol I also can’t find any study that shows increasing only dietary cholesterol has any positive effect (given that eggs are good for you in other ways) so I’ll recind on that point.


True! Creatine is an amino acid which is broken down into creatinine and used, similar to calories.

[quote=“lk6Spaces, post:253, topic:24098”]
This also means if we don’t take any our muscles just use other energy sources (ie. vegetarians)[/quote]
Creatine is synthesized by our body, it’s not an essential amino acid. Liver, kidneys, and pancreas create creatine.

That’s mostly true! However, like creatine, cholesterol is fully synthesized by our bodies. We produce all the cholesterol we need, there’s even evidence that dietary cholesterol has very little impact on blood cholesterol.


False. The human body makes cholesterol. I have never consumed any and I’m fizzbot bleep bee.


It’s interesting that you get this half right. The reason it’s in every animal food is that all animals produce cholesterol, including humans! A commonly recommended dietary cholesterol intake is zero, or as little as possible.

You can search this forum for previous discussions of dietary cholesterol:


What does Olympiic maths look like?




If Coffiest was the first flavored Soylent, I’m hoping the next flavor is dark chocolate, as long as it’s not fudge (I love chocolate but hate fudge flavors).

Call it Chocorrific? Chocotastic? Chocoloveit.


We are working on a chocolate flavor. We had demo samples at our Coffiest Cafe.


Chocolate for drink, powder or both? Just say “powder” and I will go away happy. :slight_smile:


Drink :slight_smile: :yum:


Seems the latest batch has removed the adhered seal! Beautiful. Just pop it open and drink again. Exactly what I was hoping for. Well done soylent team.


I think 2.1 should be smaller than 2.0. That is, lower volume (and therefore shipping size and weight) by reducing the amount of water.


If they removed all the water, imagine how much size and weight that would save! They could call the new product “powder.”


Sure but imagine the sort of weirdos who would buy that. Ugh.


They could do same size bottle but 500 kcal instead of 400 kcal. Then you would go through 4 a day instead of 5. That would be great, but 2.0 has to appeal to “normal” people. Making it thicker will probably make it less immediately appealing. Nut jobs, like myself, will always stick with the powder version and always claim it is the best.