Soylent v2.1 Wishlist and Future Developments


That would be a brand new product that they don’t already offer.


How about (vegan) nacho cheese flavor? Like that that totally fake stuff they put on nachos in gas stations. Since it’d be a sometimes flavor, you could even make it the same consistency!


I would LOVE a Soylent for highly active people – that is to say, around 25g of protein (soy or whey) and a little fiber for better digestion.

The only thing keeping me from 100% Soylent during the week is that it’s simply not enough to sustain me during hard workouts.


You could supplement with brotein.


Some further discussion here: Danger of ingesting too many micronutrients?


Oh how I miss Ode… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


My current wish list for future Soylent developments:

  1. Banana and Cake Batter flavors for Drink. From my experiments to date, I have found banana and cake batter flavorings to be the most complimentary additions to the flavor profile of Drink/2.0. Strawberry and vanilla would be a nice options, too, but I don’t desire those nearly as much as banana and cake batter. I hope that these flavors would be no more sweet than Cacao, and not overly sweet the way Nectar is.

  2. Bring back the bars. Supposedly this is happening soon so that’s good. Ideally I’d like the bars to be both cheaper and a little less sweet than before, but I’m not pinning any high hopes on either possibility. I’m also intrigued by the idea of additional bar flavors, but I don’t care about that nearly as much as I care about the above-suggested drink flavors.

  3. Non-sweet Soylent. I would loooooooove to have some Soylent products – drink, bar, some new format, basically anything other than powder – with a flavor profile that is savory/umami, salty, or sour**. I’ve always been one who craves foods like these much more than sweets, so I think I’d find it much easier to consume Soylent consistently if every meal didn’t feel like dessert. I know there’s a European 'lent that sells tomato-flavored bars and a veggie-flavored drink. So perhaps something like that, or in my wildest dreams, something that imitates the qualities of cheese.

  4. Fix the problems with algae ingredients and incorporate more of them into future Soylent products. This isn’t a very high priority for me, but from a sustainability standpoint it does please me to know that Soylent ingredients are being efficiently produced in a bioreactor rather than by traditional means. Even though only a small percentage of consumers experienced adverse effects from the algae flour – and I never had any issue – I can understand why Soylent responded by reformulating. It was probably the best business decision under the circumstances. But I do hope that whatever caused some people to react negatively to algae flour can be fixed in the future, and that hopefully someday Soylent can use algae as a source of protein as well.

  5. Make powder taste good (to me). To be honest, I think this one is probably impossible. I’ve tried powder versions 1.5-1.7 and I did not much like any of them. I think there’s something inherent in the mouthfeel of dissolved powder that I just don’t like. But if Soylent could find a way to make a powder version that tastes good, I’d be ecstatic. I like the space-efficiency of powder for shipping/storage/traveling, and it’s so much cheaper! So maybe this can happen someday, but I’m not holding out hope.

** By sour, I mean the way vinegar or citrus are sour. Not the odd rancid-metallic-sour taste that I detect when I drink powdered Soylent.

Secret! Purports to be from "Soylent"

+1 on more fiber, although I’d rather not lose the smooth texture of the latest formulations.


So long as the fibre is soluble it shouldn’t affect texture.



  1. Glycemic data for Cacao and Nectar, please! I assume it would be similar to Original/2.0, but since there appear to be some slight formula differences other than just the flavoring I’d be interested to see the specific glycemic data of those products.


Cheaper price, especially in Canada.

  1. A product/product-line geared specifically towards weight loss, with fewer carbs and more protein and fiber, or any other adjustments that would maximize satiety and nutrition relative to calories.


That might make it better for diabetics, too, one of my concerns.


Well, get this. The entire concept of Soylent is geared toward weight loss. With the rare exceptions due to medical complications or genetic abnormalities (and I mean rare), the key to effective weight loss is about calories in vs out. Take myself as an empirical example. I am a type II diabetic and I weighed 315 lbs in August 2014. Soylent started shipping and I got my first box around September. Without adding any workout routine or needing a special formula that catered to my diabetes, I wieght around 285 lbs by March of 2015.

What Soylent provided me was a simple and effective way to gauge exactly how many calories I was taking in. The price and convenience were secondary benefits, but very important to me.

I started working out in March of 2015 and was able to start playing hockey again later that year. Currently I have gone through a 6 month period with no exercise due to two surgeries and am just this week starting back at the gym. And get this… I actually lost a little weight during that time. Granted, some of that is probably muscle, but I didn’t blow back up to my pre-Soylent weight because I was still using Soylent during this period.

So exercise isn’t even the best way to lose wieght. Ever heard the saying, “You can’t outrun a bad diet”? It is pretty accurate.

I will concede one point, a higher protein content would be welcome, but I use a protein supplement that I mix into my Soylent powder and that takes care of that. The high protein version would be better served in the premade since it is kinda problematic to put powder in those bottles.


If by “weight loss” you mean “complete nutrition,” yes. You can lose, maintain, or even gain weight drinking Soylent.


The only way to lose weight: more calories burned than calories consumed.


Well… strictly speaking dehydration would work too :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, i agree. But my point wasn’t that Soylent’s ingredients promote weight loss, but the entire package of complete nutrition in very quantifiable amounts which allows you to take advantage of the fact that: [quote=“Ric, post:283, topic:24098”]
The only way to lose weight: more calories burned than calories consumed.

Yes you can gain weight on Soylent, but it isn’t nearly as easy or automatic as conventional food. It is shocking how many calories I can take in during supper and it doesn’t feel like I overate.


Square bottles (Tetra Brik/Gemina Aseptic Square) [in 400 mL and 1L]


I’d like to be able to buy a variety pack (such as 3 each of all the flavors).