Soylent v2.1 Wishlist and Future Developments


Current algae protein has a very incomplete and unbalanced amino acid profile, unfortunately. :confused:


Can you take two different strains of algae protein to balance each other out? Or are they all unbalanced in similar ways? Or do I completely lack understanding of algae protein?


I’m pretty sure they’re all unbalanced in the same way, though perhaps one could genetically engineer a new type of algae that cranks out a bunch of extra amino acids to make up for the difference.


I think 2 different questions are being asked and answered here. Wish for 2.0(current liquid version)? Wish for possible future/different Soylent products? Obviously, for the latter, people are craving a solid bar. Not myself so much. As for the current liquid version I would really like to have 100 more calories in each bottle (and yes that woukd mean “4 bottle 2000 calorie, yada yada”). That would make it the perfect product for me. I could live with the price then. Wouldn’t mind if the logo was put on the middle of the bottle and made larger, and that tear off top was made easier to deal with.


This is my experience, too. After a few weeks of Soylent my business had to happen roughly an 1-1.5 hours after ingestion and had very strange dark green color


This is a big deal for me, too. The big boxes are a waste of cardboard and the external box is not at all easy to hold on to or carry up stairs. Ideally there would be a handle on the outer box, or the outer box would really be the four inner boxes attached in a square vs a giant rectangle and the smaller boxes would easily just detach from each other once at home. I’m imagining them attached in a square shape, wrapped in plastic with a small cardboard handle attached to the top. This minimizes all of the packaging and still makes it less bulky. Just my two pence.


Remember with packaging Soylent goes grounds, goes air, goes everywhere so we need packaging to survive the ride.


I would really appreciate a solid bar form of Soylent. I typically drink 80% 2.0, but cannot drink anything when I travel. The powders are just too much work when I am in a business trip.


For what it’s worth I always add water to the empty bottle, shake it, and drink it to make sure I am getting everything I can.


I thoroughly enjoyed this thread.


I am enjoying this thread as well, please keep serious and non-serious suggestions coming…

Want (2.0)-
-More protein
-More fiber
-Cheaper eventually (duh)

Things I don’t care about-
Soy, GMOs, gluten, ‘organic’

Would be interested in future solid food options. But I have a hard time imagining what this might be. Someone on a review somewhere described eating mealsquares and how eventually they got disgusted with the taste. I used to enjoy myself a cliff bar, but they are way too easy to eat like 10 of them and not feel satisfied. It’s easy to imagine soylent could make a delicious bar-type food, it’s hard to imagine it satisfying my hunger in the same way a meal’s worth of liquid does. So am curious to see how that might go.


Another solution to the travel problem would be to strike a deal to sell Soylent at Starbucks (or some other ubiquitous retailer like CVS or Walgreens). Then I could travel and stay fueled up. I know that isn’t a change to 2.1, and is thus “off topic” but it would help me a lot.


I’m also interested in keeping it caffeine-free (people talk about adding flavors, and chocolate or coffee flavor always comes up, and it makes me sad because caffeine makes me sick).


Would love to see this. Although I’d expect the price to be raised to about $7 a bottle. For travel and spur of the moment needs it would be great though. For those who want flavors, Starbucks could squirt in all sorts of junk. I persoanlly wouldn’t mind getting a couple shots added!


People talk about individually adding coffee to their individual Soylent.

No worries; RL has never expressed a goal of offering coffee-flavored Soylent. You can find something else to be sad about.



PS: If you would like to try coffee flavour, try adding instant decaf.

I’m still patiently awaiting drone delivery.


bar form would be nice for travelling. cant take bottled through airport security and powder is just a hassle to bring the pitcher and everything


You don’t have to bring the pitcher, of course. I have tried filling a glass part way with water and then dumping what seems like a good amount of Soylent and stirring, and it was ok.


If said retailer were also ubiquitous at airports that would be a ++



I … can’t … resist … was it Soylent Green?