Soylent v2.1 Wishlist and Future Developments


Over-inflates my fart sack. (sleeping bag) But I can live with that. :tent:


It’s easy to find lots of claims about the effects of too much protein. Here is one that seems typical.

I don’t vouch for it, but it might be true.


The only thing I want is for the paper seal under the cap to be gone.

My first shipment of Soylent 2.0 had all bottles with no paper seal. This was perfect. I could just crack them open & drink.

Every shipment since then has all bottles with these paper seals adhered to the top. I have 2 objections to this:

  1. It’s a slight pain to get off; especially tough to grab the tiny tab without nails. It always leaves a little soylent on my fingers which I have to rinse then dry. These are not major problems per bottle but I do drink 6-10 bottles a day. So it’s kind of pain to do this over & over again continually every day. The bottles without these paper seals didn’t have these issues at all.

  2. More irritating is that the seal leaves paper fibers behind, still adhered to the top of the bottle. Now I’m drinking bits of paper with my soylent.

The seal-free bottles were just a very clean streamlined experience. Perfect for long-term repetitive use as a staple food.


Except when you got mold on the bottles. It wasn’t frequent, but it sure made it feel less clean for the people who got it.


I am with you. I really don’t like the paper seal for exactly the same reasons. However, I suspect they had a good reason to add them. Perhaps they just need a better seal, that’s easier to grab and doesn’t leave residue.


Agreed on both counts. There must be a way to improve it.


have you ever tried any of the various ensure products?
besides being inferior and unpalatable,
the bottle seal is extremely frustrating,
even when it’s just an overwrap
(doesn’t tear nicely, perforations useless).

i’m very pleased with the soylent 2.0 seal’s quality and ease of use.


I personally do not have a problem with the inner foil seal, however, the outer wrap rarely tears peacefully at the perforations.


@Wynlyndd to break the outer wrap that runs around right below the cap, press your thumb nail through it and twist the bottle around. The perforation breaks very easily and neatly. Then just twist the cap off. I do this five times a day so I know it works well. :slight_smile:


no need to tear the seal, just give it a twist…and it pops open :slight_smile:


Thanks that worked well


I’ve tried both ways. Running your thumb around the lid breaks it much easier and cleaner. In my humble opinion. :slight_smile:


There is another thread on this topic written by a world-renowned Soylent expert. :wink:

Open Soylent Bottles Like A BOSS! Open Soylent Bottles Like A BOSS!


Are you not concerned about the residue left behind? Always wonder if I’m drinking adhesive.


uh, no? or at least orders of magnitude less concern than that of the risk of mold and possible chronic mycotoxins


Not concerned about the residue either. Haven’t noticed much if any after removing the foil.


Agreed that mold is a significant concern. Adhesive in direct contact with something you’re ingesting is also worth concern. Especially something liquid, which will surely be carrying some of that residue into your body every time you drink. That makes adhesive a regular part of your diet. Not something I’m crazy about.


Maybe it’s affected by climate. I haven’t been able to open a bottle without a getting fuzzy top since they added the seals.


The split second contact with a non-water soluble food safe glue gives you pause. But the fact that what you are drinking has been in direct contact with a plastic bottle for who knows how long doesn’t?


I’m not sure anything needs to be changed. 2.0 is pretty awesome as it is.

As for the digestive issues: I had them too occasionally with 2.0, then I started taking probiotics (Renew Life Ultimate Flora 30 Billion) and now they’re almost completely gone. I’m glad, because Soylent is a perfect solution for my breakfasts and lunches at work.