Soylent Vending Machine


Has the idea already been proposed for a soylent vending machine to be placed in gyms / health shops?
If not, I’d like to propose it. I drew up a concept diagram for how the machine could work mechanically, I haven’t done any research but I imagine this is roughly what those old vending machines that dispensed cups of hot cocoa looked like inside:


We should get soylent off the ground first.


Consider lending a hand!


Just got the same idea. What will be really useful is a vending machine that mixes the components in the proportion corresponding to your needs, diet or medical prescriptions.

Either a phone app contains your recipes, then you choose one in app and tap the vending machine ordering it and paying for it simultaneously. When soylent gets off the ground, NFC will be popular already, I guess.

Or you choose the recipe in the vending machine, either by unique number or from your web-account.


My question would be how would you know how much of your day’s complete nutrition you have consumed if you’re augmenting your diet with soylet drinks here and there? First off, the formulations probably wouldn’t match on the macronutrients. Likewise, would the machine have options to omit or include a percentage of your day’s vitamins? It would have to ask if you’re male or female as well.

I just can’t see this working if someone wants to really use the product in the way it’s intended.


I’d imagine it would either come in pre-existing blends (male/female/etc), or could use the above ideas of designing your own target on an app of some sort, and having the vending machine create it according to that.


I had the same project many years ago… but in the vending machine (placed in schools and all public space) would have been a sealed “cookie” that replace a meal… 1$.
This would be a huge success.
Again, those cookies should be based on spirulina… that has naturally mostly all that is needed to survive.
I lived exclusively on spirulina for many months…


Can you explain to us how that went?


I think it could work very easily. I have already seen machines that handle 30 different kinds of sodas with a touchscreen menu. Why couldnt there be 15 different variations of soylent in one machine? 15 for males 15 for females. Thats an awful lot of options. This is really no different than picking up a bottled smoothie to replace a meal. Either way what you are getting is better than stopping by a fastfood joint. I think very few people on here who are going to consume soylent are going to consume soylent 100% of the time. I know Im not. Hell, Rob isnt either and its his creation.


Those machines work by having premixed variants and mixing with carbonated water. This would be the simplest solution for a solyent vending machine.

If you are looking for a machine to custom make soylent, I originally did so design work on what would be required and you run into a lot of problems with mixing. The easier would be a 4 canister system where all the micro nutrients are already premixed and you just get a certain amount based on the size of the portion and your weight, gender, etc and then you would have the three macro ingredients that allow you to customize your actual drink.

This still would require a pretty precise machine as you are weighing out mixtures for 4 different items but not nearly the required precision of weighing all the ingredients.

If you guys are interested, there is still a good group that discusses this every once and a while I believe