Soylent vending machines at colleges


Once you’re pass the birth pains, if your business is alive and kicking, a bunch of us poor, starving collage kids would eat this stuff alive… if Soylent was alive. There are legions of undergrads who’d trade the ramen noodle diet and the crazy expensive, heart attack inducing food of the crapteria for some inexpensive, healthy Soylent. Even if it was really made out of humans.


Al you need to do is to put mixed soylent in a tin. I wonder how this will work. Would love to be able to do that experiment at home.

And fermentation is a thread here. If mixed soylent isn’t kept cool, it produces explosive loads of Co2. :smile: If that happens, you will have a hell of a job to clean the vending machine.


It would definitely have to be stored without water. At most, you’d mix it at the time its purchased.


and you will have hel of a lot of work removing away the smell :mask:

have you ever smelled the bottle after you forgot to clean it for a day :skull:


@spaceman is going to show up any moment to tell you about the vending machine he’s working on for his brand of soylent–


Yeah. Soylent is sheer power. Allways be sure it works FOR you. Not AGAINST you. You will be doomed.


lmao. but honestly, it’s not a bad idea.


Oh yeah @asympt… It’s a show time!

This week we will pick up first two machines from a production, tune it and … ready to accept invitations to colleges.

Regarding @livingparadox, @Myarter concerns about storage, cleaning and smell. Powder is stored in separate dry tanks, the mixing bowl is rinsed with extra water to keep it clean after each dispensing, service engineer double cleans it during filling with new tanks.

@Ras - follow for updates at and PM me if you want to see machine in your college.


This company is a possibility. Just need to heat pasteurize the soylent or Soylent first and let them do the work.

There is also the coffee machine type vending machines that use instant coffee and powdered non-dairy creamer. Just need to hook them up to a water line and keep them stocked with a crap load of dry mix and oil.


A great idea, to be sure, but I wonder if it might be just as economical, if not more so, to have all the individual cups already HAVE their allotted soylent (ONLY the powder until ordered!) inside so as to more effectively rule out measurement errors. Nobody gets short-changed this way by a “bad dispense”. Also, you are of course using a water filter, right? Water impurities have a terrible effect on a substance with so little flavor of its own.

I’d say, sell individual self-contained servings of soylent at $4 each - to ensure that you at least break a profit. While bulk acquisition of soylent nears $3/serving, you’d be bringing a few new things to the equation:

  1. Immediacy: It’s right there, on-demand.
  2. Compactness: out of the way until JUST the moment your users need it.
  3. Simplicity: No messy measuring, no wondering “did I do it right”; You put in four bucks, you get it done right worry-free.

Hopefully your 25% profit margin will be sufficient to handle the costs of the machine and its materials.


I suspect the issue would be getting it properly mixed.


Good math @Disembodied - are you in DIY-business?
If not - let me invite you. Here are my credentials.

Specially for @inod3 secret photos from mixing tests:


at some point when i have some free time im going to pick up a cheap coffee vending machine.

something like a Saeco 7P.

its fairly cheap. you can find used ones for 300-100$

there’s 3 dry hoppers, and a coffee grinder inside that send powder in to a wet mixer,then dispenses into a cup.

will do a post once i get one up and running! :smile:


Nice link @SyntacticSugars.
We played with coffee machines at beginning,
But when we started to play with dispensing according to your intake, different blends on board and mixing of larger volume than a spoon of coffee - we had to make something custom.

One more feature that we consider - is availability for any DIY-blend. That means that machine should have a bit better hard & soft on board rather than regular coffee machine.

If you want to participate - you’re welcome! We love collaborate!


Did you ever consider heat sealing the powder and oil together in separate compartments of an opaque bag and selling them in a refrigerated vending machine? It won’t allow for nearly the same level of customization but it would work.