Soylent + Vessyl



Does the “smart cup” recognize Soylent?


I ordered one because even if all it does is allow me to program my liquid manually, it would be a perfect match with Soylent. If it also works with Fitbit, that would be even better.

But I’m bracing for a long wait. As in, it’s like lending people money … only do it if you’re prepared to say goodbye to the funds.



That’s a new level for Soylent ecosystem.
Previously we had DIY-recipes for experiments, now we have devices.

It’s very interesting what will be next… and how they will be integrated.


Now I gotta go order this. And wait


I’m going back and forth on this one. The thought process works like:

  • Shiny! Cool! New tech! WANT!
  • Wait, but won’t drinking out of this thing all the time be a PITA? You don’t have an iPhone or an Android either…
  • But, but, the apps will be out! And your z10 can run Android. And it’s still cool! And new tech!
  • Dammit, you know that this’ll get left at home or at work and you won’t use it like you want to

Then I saw that they want the $99 up front for something that will ostensibly ship early 2015. Yeah, not making that mistake again. Take my info and charge on ship, sure, but I’m not lending you $100 for upwards of 6 months on a wing and a prayer >:(


The moment I saw this, I knew I had to have it. I still hesitated maybe half an hour or so. Then ordered two of em.

Yeah it’s a risk etc. But what the hell… no risk, no reward. And I have been utterly useless at manually tracking my Soylent consumption - something I would love to actually be able to compute.


What would this tell you about Soylent, other than how much is in the glass? It looks very cool, but beyond the cool factor I can’t figure out how it would give me any info that I don’t already have. Right now I use Blender Bottles when I drink Soylent, and it has markings on the side in Oz./ml. I drink the exact same amount every day so it’s easy to keep track.


I’m guessing the big attraction is the passive data collection that you don’t have to think about, it just "happens’ without you being aware of it.

Imagining the water tracking will be a good thing too. I recall reading a while back that most people aren’t hydrated enough.


I bet you get your vessyl before you get your Soylent…


I specifically want to accurately track the amount of Soylent consumed. Since I drink from a 20oz bottle that I simply refill at any odd interval, I often have only a partial bottle consumed at the end of the day so it goes into the fridge for morning, at which point I fill it up again. Because of this, I don’t even bother trying to track my consumption anymore… it’s just not practical. But if my drinking vessel “knew” exactly how much I had actually consumed, and tracked that for me automatically… this would be fantastic. It’s more curiosity than anything, I like collecting data about what’s going on with my “system” and this is just another big step in the direction of total body diagnostics.