Soylent vitamin D: D2 vs. D3

I got blood work done a week ago (I am not on Soylent yet) and, while overall very good, I was low in vitamin D (I’m at 22ng/mL, 40ng/mL is optimal). I did some research into which supplement I should take, and found that it is important to take D3 if you can. See this link for a start. The differences between D2 and D3 are pretty significant: Both will prevent rickets, but D3 is more shelf stable (=predictable dose), is less likely to have toxicity issues, and binds to our tissues better, thus giving more benefit for the same dosage.

Since I hope to switch to Soylent soon, I checked soylent, and I see it has D2. I assume this is done to placate the vegans (D3 is manufactured from wool grease, D2 is made from mushrooms). The link I gave above specifically says that for vegans D2 is an acceptable substitute, but for everybody else D3 should be used. This is frustrating, because when I get soylent, I’ll be getting the worse form of the vitamin. Already Soylent will skip sending the fish oil to vegans, hopefully in the future the vitamin D supplement will be in the fish oil instead of in the main product. Has anybody official discussed the selection of D2 vs. D3?


Vitamin D2 and D3 are both able to increase circulating levels of the active hormone. D3 is more potent than D2, so you will need more of D2 to match what D3 can do.

If you don’t get sun, you need to supplement D2 or D3, period. What is in soylent isn’t enough actually and most people don’t report increased vitamin D levels in the blood. You need to supplement with 1,000 to 2,000 units to start seeing a difference in bloodwork (especially if you are severely deficient, which most Americans are).

Also you should be pairing Vitamin D with Vitamin K. Vitamin K makes sure that the calcium you absorb thanks to D2/3 goes to the right places.


I have to keep an eye on my vitamin D levels. When originally tested, I was at 7ng/ml and it took a few months to increase it. With supplementation, I can maintain it at 19-29ng/ml.

RL haven’t decided to use D2 to ‘placate’ vegans, it’s done to keep the entire product vegan. If RL include D3 in the fish oil, you’re leaving the rest of the product with not enough vitamin D content, leaving vegans to not only supplement the oil but also vitamin D. It would make more sense to me for RL to substitute the fish oil to a vegan alternative and let consumers supplement anything else themselves, if necessary.

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But the entire product isn’t vegan, the oil is from fish. Right now you have a choice, soylent+oil, or soylent-oil. My proposal would be to choose between soylent+D3+fish oil, or soylent+D2-oil. Ideally RL would eventually find a vegan oil to ship, giving both groups of customers a full soylent. Since D3 is a clearly superior form of D, it seems wrong to give everybody the inferior stuff when only a small portion of customers care whether the D comes from wool or mushrooms.

I think it gets to the point where everyone would like something a little different from the product. Why doesn’t RL ship ten powders and oil, so consumers can put things together to best meet their individual needs? RL is trying to keep the product as complete as possible to meet the needs of most without the need for mixing. I’m sure that if they could, RL would abandon the oil and make it a part of the dry mix.

There is a vegan D3 available, it may be hard to source it in the quantities Rosa would need at first, but I’m sure availability would increase with demand.

In the meantime you may want to consider using something like this D3/K2 supplement, a single bottle should last for a very long time. I use it in all my soylents.


I use this D3/K2 in my DIY. It’s a capsule, so you can open it and dump the powder in.

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Technically RL will never need to really use D3. Research shows the vitamin D receptors in the body are less sensitive to D2 thus D2 has a shorter half-life in the body. To counteract that you just might need to take a little bit bigger of a dose and considering most people drink soylent throughout the day there will always be D2 in their bloodstream.

Agree with others that D3 should be supplemented regardless.

Here’s a great stack of D3 + K + Omega 3s from my company Nootrobox.

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This is a fascinating overview of D2 vs D3, how D3 and sleep interact and how important the sleep part is (counteracting D3 toxicity), mentions importants of B12 and has a bit of history about the medical literature along with it:

Should RL bump up D3?

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