Soylent vs. Herbalife


I ordered my one month supply of Soylent in July. With the eagerness to try this type of diet I was encouraged by a friend to try Herbalife while I wait for my shipment. So far I have a few issues/concerns with Herbalife.
A. It tastes awful.
B. It leaves you still hungry.
C. Loss of convenience because you can’t simply drink it in water. (Due to A. and B.)

I just wanted to know if you anyone has compared Soylent and Herbalife and I am hopeful that Soylent will not have these same issues.


Herbalife is a weight-loss diet plan supplement while Soylent is a food replacement. You can survive on Soylent alone, trying to survive on Herbalife alone could literally kill you due to nutrient overages ( in trying to reach enough calories. There’s a thread on this here:


Thanks! I was looking at the calories in Herbalife and its incredibly low, 90 cal per serving. Considering weightless is not my primary concern, overall fitness is, this upset me quite a bit. Can’t wait until I get my Soylent!


I used to be an herbalife ‘distributor’ the pro is that it has “plant stuff” in it so it could substitute for phytonutrients in a pinch, and you can usually find some poor soul like me who brought into the dream of easy money and is selling out of the multi level marketing scheme on craigsist, so if your willing to reformulate your diy to include herbalife, it could be a cheap protein source.

Soylent is a full meal replacement, in fact diet replacement. Herbalife is an overpriced protein shake with tiny amounts of weird herbs in it.