Soylent vs Joylent vs Meal Squares vs 100%FOOD (I need help)

Sorry if this comes up a lot but I tried searching the forum for similar threads and the most recent one I could find was from early 2015. Nevermind, after just typing in my thread title I see that there is a MealSquares vs Soylent thread from Feb of this year. But since most of the threads are older, and these products appear to be constantly changing, I was hoping to get some more current info.

Quick background on me: I’ve had every Soylent powder (except for 1.4, I think). I’ve had 2.0 and the bars. I ordered a sample pack (10 squares) from MealSquares last night but have never tried them. I am going to order each flavor of Joylent’s powder and Twennybars when I get closer to finishing my 1.6/2.0/bar/future MealSquare reserves. I just looked at 100%FOOD’s website(s) for the first time a few minutes ago (which site should be used, google search comes up with 2 sites that both sell it).

Was wondering if anyone could break down some of the differences between the ingredients used in these products. A very brief breakdown, without getting too technical (I wouldn’t understand it) would be great. Like just a quick ranking or something based on your opinion of each product’s ingredients/nutritional makeup.

If someone could compare the cost per 2k calories (or 400/500/whatever is normally/easily used) that would be awesome as well (obviously I can do that part, but I only have my phone with me for the time being and it is low on battery and also a hassle).

Joylent or Joylent Vegan? I have no dietary restrictions, but if Vegan is ‘better’ I would probably be more inclined to go with that.

I was never interested enough to look for Soylent alternatives, but the bars made me realize that there may be similar products that I also might enjoy (and potentially be cheaper). Or maybe not alternatives but additions to my diet instead. If I was only interested in low cost, I would have stuck with powder the whole time. But 2.0 and the bars gave me some much needed variety. I’m hoping the Meal Squares will also, and hopefully the other products can too.

From cheapest to most expensive:



Joylent has the most sugar, comes in many flavors (majority’s favorite is banana). Soylent is the most nutritiously complete. I’d stay away from 100%Food, their forum is dead, and the only posts from the last few months seem to be complaints about no customer service and not being able to end subscriptions.


Awesome, thanks a lot.

I heard that the vegan version doesn’t taste as good as the regular version… so if you are not vegan, there isn’t any reason to use that one. (Vegan food isn’t better by default)


So I’m eating my first Meal Square right now. Arrived ~2 hours ago, I put them in the fridge a little after that. Microwaved for ~20 seconds.

First bite, first impression was this is not something I’m going to like/enjoy but wouldn’t have a problem consuming it (kind of similar to how I feel about new Soylent powders the first couple sips/glasses/days until I get used to it and then start to look forward to it).

By the second or third bite I was really enjoying it. To me, it tastes kind of like a bland banana bread with chocolate chips. Full disclosure, I did use medical marijuana a little before eating it so that probably helped with the taste. I’m not hungry after finishing it, but the first meal of the day usually doesn’t take much to fill me up.

Would recommend. They should add some needed variety to my Soylent product diet.

I have had both versions and have been on the vegan version now for 6 months + and find the taste perfectly fine (banana for me).

Also keep in mind the Tweenybar is not vegan as yet (although I do love them too).

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I too hardly notice any taste difference in the vegan or regular Joylent.
I kike how the vegan version has a better aftertaste due to lack of lactose.

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