Soylent vs Raw Meal


So I was out at Whole Foods to purchase some more whey protein and I came across this product called “Raw Meal”. It also claims to be a complete meal replacement (for the most part, I looked at the nutrition label and it is missing a few things) and unlike Soylent here, it doesn’t contain any synthetic compounds. I’ll post the link below but I’m just wondering what people’s thoughts here are. I did a price comparison and for me personally, it would last me ten days at $46-$47 depending on taxes. So that’s about $20ish cheaper than seven days of Soylent. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m still holding out for my two-weeks worth of Soylent that I’ve ordered and I have being making my own DIY Soylent. But I did give in and buy this RAW Meal, I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. So, I would appreciate any and all input!

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Hey if you can survive on 392 calories per day, your two weeks of soylent is going to last, like, forever man!


I do plan on taking it and altering it, like I said, it is missing things that I would have to add. But yeah haha, it would last forever at that rate.


and don’t forget to add whatever you’re padding out the raw meal with to your cost calculation. A gallon of milk to mix it with every two days will significantly bump your costs, for example. Depending on what you’re adding in, it may be as expensive as standard Soylent…


It sounds like you’re proposing to use the raw meal stuff as a base for a DIY recipe. If that’s the case, I don’t think that you’ll get much input until you actually have a recipe for people to evaluate as opposed to a single ingredient. As I have pointed out above, this stuff is way more expensive than soylent on a per-calorie basis. So you have your work cut out for you.


Here is a balanced recipe with Raw Meal as a partial base. It is a combination of bachelore chow and dr. Nexus. Taste is pretty good, for some reason I moved off of Raw Meal but I recall it being pretty tasty. My wife says the Raw Meal gives off a pea/green bean flavor palette.


I’m currently in the works of trying to find the best “flavor” of Raw Meal to use as a base, I’ve bought a few of the single serving packets and I’m going from there. I did check out the recipe and it is quite high in niacin, so using that as a starting point I’m playing with numbers in hopes of creating recipe with a lower niacin content. That being said, it is a base and if it’s mixed with only water it tastes pretty horrible from what I’ve tried so far. I’ve had to add some almond milk and cinnamon to balance it out. The other thing I’ve noticed is that if you let it sit for a while and don’t drink it all at once, it becomes a very “fluffy” drink for lack of a better word. It’s like trying to drink a slightly more liquid verson of cool whip… it takes some getting used to. I’ll be sure to post a link if I have a satisfactory recipe.


I used Raw Meal for about 3 weeks, 1 scoop for breakfast with 15ml of hemp/olive oil and 1 scoop for lunch again with oil. I dont know why but I thought 1 scoop equled 500 calories, again I dont know where I got that idea from. I was loosing weight like crazy but did not really feel hungry by the end of the day. Recently a friend pointed out that both portions total less then 400 calories, thats how I lost 15 pounds :smiley:


I believe the niacin upper limits are incorrect at 35 mg. To treat my high cholesterol i was at 500-750 mg daily (I did get flush at times) but in all I would not worry at all less than 100 mg.

btw my cholesterol levels are dropped to normal/borderline (well lower than I was previously) since moving to a primarily soylent diet.


I am a big fan of entrepreneurs. And if I had the money to support Mr. Rhinehart and his endeavors I would. Not to mention he is SO easy on the eyes and if I had ovaries I’d bear his children…

Nevertheless, I simply cannot afford the stuff. It comes out to $3.?? per serving of Soylent. That is without ANY additives I’m going to end up putting into the drink anyway. (My favorite combination is organic peanut butter and frozen banana + teaspoon of raw honey). These add-ons are NOT calculated into the cost of Soylent. So the $3 n change is really just ONE basic serving with free NYC tap water.

Raw Meal, sold at the local health food store (Westerly on w52nd) really has had the whole line on sale for a few years now. They must have a deal with the manufacturer. I’ve tried the Raw Meal, full meal replacement, and I’m happy that it has NO synthetic sweeteners. I’m also quite satisfied that most of the stuff is organic. And although this calculation I’m about to hit you with is in regards to their RAW PROTEIN line, and NOT the RAW MEAL that acts as a full meal replacement, the cost of the RAW MEAL is only a few dollars more, so these calculations shouldn’t be so much different.

But what keeps me going back to their company is that the cost per serving, for the RAW PROTEIN by Garden of Life, (CPS) really comes down to less than $0.74. Yes, this version is NOT the full meal replacement, but as I’ve said earlier…the RAW MEAL isn’t much more expensive. And Westerly must have a contract with the company because they’ve been pushing this sale for well over a year now. The RAW PROTEIN can totally satisfy me for hours, and I feel great after.

I’m glad Mr. Rhinehart has designed a product geared towards white, yuppie Silicon valley working professionals who are strapped for time (and not cash)…but the keyword here is WORKING. Right now, in this economy, I have more friends moving OUT of NYC because they’re working 2-3 jobs just to make rent. And the friends graduating from school are in debt with no job security.

So as much as I’d like to support SoyLent and a young, beautiful, smart man in his vegan endeavors…I simply can’t afford it. RAWMEAL by Garden of Life sold by Westerly totally is within my budget and works for poor people like me. =)

<3 the braces!!


Not sure what skin color has to do with anything… there are quite a few non-white engineers & other “high earning” types here in Silicon Valley…


Ignoring the creepy idolization and casual racism in your post I think you’re making a mistake in your cost comparison in that by calorie Raw Meal is substantially more expensive than Soylent, so if your goal is to healthily fuel your body Soylent is going to be both the healthier and less expensive option.

On amazon here we can get a 14 serving container for $35 at 270 calories per serving. That equates to about $18.52 per 2,000 calories for Raw Meal compared to $9.11 for Soylent, so if we’re talking about fueling your body healthily Soylent is less than half the price.

Anyway, good luck in your pursuit of good health.


It almost sounds like you are trying to sell this product :slight_smile: but like others have pointed out… Soylent is actually cheaper in terms of nutrition and calories


Just so we are clear, Soylent is def NOT healthier than RAW MEAL.


Based on… what exactly?


I used Raw Meal as a base for my DIY recipe last year. Loved it. Price of my DIY averaged $6,85 a day.

(also ignoring the race comment) I’m a playwright. I made $25 on my last play. I’m also not a yuppie. Spending $255 a month on my food is way less than I was spending before. It might behoove you to check out the demographic thread, as well.


I tried Raw Meal but found it to have too grainy a feel to it…This has been the problem I’ve found with most organic food mixes - the size of the granules are too big and don’t dissipate entirely in the water.


Lol, what was your initial statement that Soylent is healthier based on?? Raw Meal and Soylent are very similar products, however, one is filled with completely natural and organically grown ingredients, free of chemicals, and the other is artificial. I fully intend to purchase Soylent and give it a shot, but give credit where credit is due. What Raw Meal has created is an amazing product.


HAHAHAHA free of chemicals… oh boy here we go again.

It’s been said plenty of times already but what the hell, here’s one more. Natural != organic != safe or good or healthy etc.

I know exactly nothing whatsoever about this Raw Meal product. Frankly if it’s as “natural” as you state, I would probably want nothing to do with it as it probably has a texture and taste that I wouldn’t ever want to experience. But, that’s just me.

I don’t believe (at least I’m not aware of it) that Soylent has ever claimed to be “healthier” than anything other than perhaps the SAD - and I can’t really see anyone articulately disputing that.


What benefit does organically-grown food provide? Can science back up the claim?

Nothing is free of chemicals except for a vacuum:

Source: Wikipedia

In other words, everything is a chemical. Even the water you drink and the air you breathe.