Soylent water ratio


I’m a new user of soylent (1.4), and at first I was mixing single snack servings and liked the taste. When I mixed my first full bag in the provided pitcher I couldn’t take the taste. It had a overwhelming Briniey / salty taste and it was Slimy
I realized that when I made the single serve portions that there is a more water to powder ratio using the scooper.
Since then I mix up the pitcher as directed and when I pour out 16oz for a full serving I top off my cup with water to about 24oz. This mix is more water than when you use the scooper but I find it to be a perfect consistency and taste. And it also helps with your daily recommended water intake.
If you find the directed pitcher mix to be to salty / slimy to stomach, try adding water and you will find that the salty / briney taste and slimy consistency will go away and it will be a enjoyable meal.


The secret of Soylents water ratio, is that it is a guideline. you can add as little or as much water as you prefer or as much or as little can fit in your pitcher/bottle/glass


Yes. I had an interesting revelation yesterday. I was sometimes running out of Soylent and still wanting to consume. At the same time, I knew I wasn’t drinking enough water. So after I drank my first two cups of Soylent, I suddenly decided to try a more watered-down version.

Since my pitcher was now half full, I filled it up with water and shook it. I felt like I had created a bunch more Soylent out of nothing! When I tried it a few hours later, it was fine. So I solved my running out of Soylent problem and my not consuming enough water problem at one stroke. I will probably start doing this procedure every day now.


how funny. With 1.2 & 1.3 I would routinely refill my mug/thermos with ice cold water and drink that to get the last of the soylent and more water. I find myself not being able to stomach even the thought of drinking really dilute 1.4, something about the taste when diluted a lot works my normally atrophied gag reflex. With 1.4 I can’t deal, at all, lol.

That being said I’ll have to see how i deal with a ‘more runny’ version :slight_smile:


Maybe you got one of the different versions of 1.4 that are apparently around. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm. well, I added about 12 ounces of cold to the remaining 10 ounces (or so) of Soylent after work yesterday morning and it was pretty good. Really diluted as I used to do still tastes weird though.