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Dear fellow Soylent lovers,

We have closely been watching Soylent for around half a year now. We have been in love with it ever since we read about it in Rob’s blog(s). As time passed we noticed the high demand from within the US but also from Europe. Purchasing Soylent in Europe however is a lot harder even though the demand is just as high!

Answering to this demand, we created a webshop designed to cater to the Soylent needs of the individuals/resellers in Europe. The webshop is almost finished and we would very much appreciate to hear your opinions about both the webshop and being able to buy Soylent within Europe from us.

Another advantage to a European Soylent webshop is keeping the costs for european customers low as we are able to ship large quantities at once, staying true to the Soylent concept of being cheap and accessible for all it’s customers.

So check out our European webshop at : and tell us what you think!

Soylent in Europe?

Cool idea, but I can’t see any content on your site, be it products for sale, or really anything else! The site design is pretty nice though, and fits well with the logo.
One thing I’d like to see you offer is things which are difficult to purchase in individual quantities, but actually not too costly when bought in bulk. For example, Palatinose and phytase. I’m sure there are many more.

Were you planning on selling pre-mix, ingredients, or both?


Yeah, lack of content is a killer. Shops, on brick or web, are all about what they sell, not how they look like, although that helps.


Thank you for your feedback!

The webshop is currently under maintenance and we are busy finishing it up before we officially launch it. We wanted to analyze the first impressions of the webshop and the idea of Soylent in Europe.

As for the products, we are initially planning on selling pre-mixed.

We hope to have answered your questions, please contact us for any further queries.


Personnaly, i think it would be really interesting to sell a large range of ingredients relative to Soylent but with the option to buy them separatly, not only pre-mixed.


Thanks for your response. When are your estimated dates for accepting first orders, and for shipping? What will be the minimum order quantity? Will you providing a breakdown of the exact contents of your recipe?


We want to be the European resellers of Soylent which means that a lot of the information we want to give, depends on Soylent US. We hope to start accepting pre-orders by December 2013 for pre-mixed products.


Yes indeed, an interesting option. We shall see what we can do to incorporate your idea.

We’ll keep you posted!


Thank you for your response!


Have you guys obtained approval from Soylent Corp. to use their trademarks?

Also, how is this going to work? Are you going to make soylent yourself? Or are you going to resell Soylent Corp.'s stuff?


Dear all,

Thank you for your support so far but will be offline for maintenance this weekend. However don’t be shy on asking questions. You can either list your questions here or send them to


Dear nwthomas,

We only want to be resellers from Soylent Corp. See also our post from 20h ago.

We are currently in contact with Rob Rhinehart about the trademarks.


Dear Soylent lovers,

We are in contact with Soylent Corp. concerning our upcoming webshop and with the distribution company in the UK. Therefore the webshop will temporarily be offline. We ask for your patience and we shall keep you updated!


How far are you on the European front? Because on your site it says mid 2014 which seems like a Iong time


Very Interested. Maybe as a lean distribution Network which enables shipping the soylent In ISO Containers, re-packaging it and send it by postal service.


Dear Adam,

We are in contact with Soylent Corp. but before our start we have to wait until they are ready. Our preparations are on schedule. It may seem like a long time but looking at the time table of Soylent Corp. it will be tight.


Dear Opethbass,

That is exactly what we are trying to achieve. But only in cooperation with Soylent Corp.


Very cool! Do you have a first estimate, how much you will lag behind the Soylent Launch in January?


Dear Opethbass,

Sorry but it is to early to say anything is definite.


You need to make it VERY clear that you aren’t officially Soylent Corp and that your recipe ISN’T the official Soylent recipe, nor has it gone through the same testing or safety procedures at RFI.

Sure that might change but right now you should make it VERY clear that what people are buying isn’t officially Soylent, it’s just another DIY recipe essentially, in which case people should probably just go to