Soylent Website redesign?


I was wondering if Soylent was planning on redesigning the home page?
I feel that it’s out of date and to be bluntly honest, not that professional looking . I think a redesign consolidating nutritional information and other relevant details on a single page could have its advantages.


They’ve said that the new website will launch once preorders have shipped.
There is currently no preview available to the public.

EDIT: I stand corrected. From some other postings on the forum, it was said that that was the new site.


We’re working on a redesign, should be release in the next 1-2 weeks. That’s not a preview at all, @j8048188, just an old vestige of an internal site.


Here’s a sneak peek from the web designers private servers:

Oh wait. No that’s something else entirely.

Here kitty kitty, back in the bag. That’s a good puddy-tat.