Soylent Weekly Update 2/22


We have no update to our projected shipping timeline. This week we spent finalizing our packaging, shipping box and included instructions. There are myriad requirements for food product labeling, and once we have approval from RFI’s legal team we will begin printing the pouches and boxes.

On Tuesday, Rob and David demoed Soylent alongside other future foods at the MIT Enterprise Forum’s VLAB Future Foods panel, held at Stanford University. We’d like to thank the MIT Enterprise Forum and panelists for the phenomenal event.

On Friday we received the latest prototypes of the pouches, which (save for some possible minor changes) will be used for the first Soylent 1.0 manufacturing runs. We hope you like them!


Awesome. Can’t wait.


Please clarify the status of the rice supply. Last update indicated delivery pushed back several weeks but it sounded like the timing was unknown. No update could mean this is still not known or it could mean you are on track for March 20th packaging. Do you know when you will receive this ingredient or is this still up in the air? Thank you.


I would open the shit out of that bag. I’m frothing at the mouth for my Soylent.


I have been casually watching the updates but I think this is the first I’ve seen of the actual package. It’s going to be packaged in daily amounts like this? From the ingredients it looks like that package has 2010 calories which would be the daily amount I assume.


Yes, one package is one full day of Soylent, presuming you fall into the 2000kcal club.

@juliomiles, Much thanks for the “no update” update. I think many folks have been wishing for weekly updates, even if it’s just to say all is well. Short and sweet is okay, and extra info is always appreciated.


Out of curiosity, @JulioMiles, are said pouches recyclable/reusable?


Copied from

VLAB ‏@VLAB Feb 18
For those of who missed tonight’s, we’ve good news! Tonight’s video will be posted to our #YouTube channel in a couple of weeks #VLABfood
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Woot, can’t wait! :slight_smile: Just hope that sweetener will have no effects.


Yes!! Thank you! exactly what i was thinking!


Did the update say all is well or just say nothing at all? When I first read it I was relieved and thought everything was on schedule for March shipping. When I go back and re-read it, I wonder whether they are saying that they still don’t know when they will get the final ingredient needed before they can start mixing and ship the orders.

Personally, I’m happy to keep using my DIY soylent in the meantime but I think others would like to know.


Unfortunately, silence from the soylent team has so far only been a precursor to bad news. While I would like to believe that we’re still on track for a late March shipment, the fact they did not reaffirm this new timeline leads me to believe we’ll be getting another “revised” schedule.


At this point we still expect the brown rice protein to be delivered around 3 weeks later than scheduled (mid-Feb) – any updates from RFI regarding this subject will be shared with the community :smile:


Question about backerkit and shipping for @JulioMiles:

Currently the “backerkit lockdown date” is March 1, which is imminently occurring tomorrow. Once solid ship dates have actually been announced, will it still be possible to change shipping address via an email?

For context:
I’ll be back home for the last part of March (~20-29th) – and as of now, it sounds like that’s exactly when the current projection puts shipping, so I’m hoping to just switch my backerkit to that address (and avoid the torture of seeing it update “delivered” with a week before I can pick it up). But if Soylent ends up heading out after the 29th (and shipping is immutable), that’s a pretty hefty postage to ask my home to forward on, and it would be simpler to leave my address as-is.

If it makes a difference, backerkit lists me at backer #8705 (one-month order)

As mentioned below, lockdown date is now the 31st - from the sounds of it, the change might even have been for reasons similar to what I posted above. As long as there’s an email or something prior to “selective lockdown”, this works out just fine for me – thanks for the extra wiggle room, guys :slight_smile:


@shadowhawkxx, I don’t think it is going to be an issue for you, they moved the lockdown date to 3/31. Looks like another month delay is coming.


I’m starting to expect that this is a scam!!


Oh boy. Here we go. Would you like to post ANY concrete evidence of this?


J Miles address this in the other thread. Lockdown date has no bearing on the last shipping update.


Good lord, man… don’t do that to us!


Now end of may delivery!! Next it will be "The manufacture of scarab beetle powder from the company we chose can’t grind it to our specifications, so shipment’s are pushed back to 2019!!