Soylent Weekly Update 4/16


Starter kits shipping Monday 4/21
Soylent orders shipping by 4/25

The latest update from our manufacturer is that Soylent powder blending was completed on Monday, and pouching began yesterday.

This puts us on track to begin shipping Soylent by 4/25, next Friday. Starter kits will now begin shipping on Monday 4/21. Shipment notifications and tracking information will be emailed to backers for starter kit and Soylent shipments.

Starter kits, shipped to every customer, contain a 2 liter airtight pitcher and a custom Soylent measuring scoop (pictured above). Together, they’re all you need to start using Soylent!

While we are still assembling the final shipping lists, we can give general guidelines for when your order should ship, based on its size:

Week 1: 1+ month orders
Week 2: 1 month
Week 3: 1 month
Week 4: 1-3 weeks
Week 5+: 1 week
This estimate assumes that we experience some delays while scaling up shipping capacity.

Edit 4/23: We are holding off on providing shipping estimates until our shipping is ramped up.

Shipping is FedEx ground from our central California warehouse, shipments should take 3 days at most for delivery in the continental US.

If you’d like to confirm or edit your shipping address, you can log in to your Soylent Backerkit profile by clicking the link in your invite email. If you need a new invite, please email

We understand these last few weeks before receiving your Soylent may be the hardest, they certainly are for us! The whole team has been working double-time to make sure we get Soylent in as many hands as possible, as quickly as possible. The patience and enthusiasm of our supporters (along with countless cups of Soylent beta) has kept us going these last few months, and we cannot wait to get your feedback on Soylent 1.0.

Soylent shipping details
Soylent shipping details
Anybody from the Midwest/Eastcoast Got Anything?
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I almost want to hope that the “by” present in the phrasing of Soylent ship date could just maybe imply “hey… with perfect luck it just could ship a day or two earlier and land on Friday.”

I won’t hold my breath on that chance - but you’ve gotta dream, right? :slight_smile: Either way, home stretch!


Imagine a hyperactive kid running around screaming that it’s almost their birthday and they’re so excited.

Yeah that’s me.

<< internal screaming intensifies >>

Can’t wait-- thank you all for your hard work!


My cunning plan to bump my order up to 5 weeks paid off. Looks like mine will be one of the first out of the door. Excellent.

I guess I won’t be buying groceries this weekend, and trying to empty my shelves of the old stores through next week.


If they told me the tiers earlier, I would’ve added an additional month. I can’t wait much longer!


@JulioMiles does having placed an order during the original crowd funding campaign move one forward in the shipping queue? I feel that the people who are buying extra weeks at the last minute are “cutting in line”, if you will. I know everyone who ordered will be getting it, but one of the incentives for participating in an initial round of crowd funding is usually priority access to the product. Any news on this?


Cool! I wish I would have bought an extra week beyond a month, like @Injector. Clever. I’ll totally give you guys $70 extra to let me switch. :slight_smile: That’s a whole extra Abe Lincoln in your pockets above the normal price.

Are you guys (hopefully) going to have a new website soonish, too?


I’m also interested in this question. I bought two weeks’ worth close to a year ago during the original crowdfunding effort. Do I seriously have to wait a month+ in line behind people who bought their first month’s worth a few weeks ago? That seems really silly, and not in line with typical crowdfunding practices.


They have said they are shipping the largest orders first to make the reordering process easier. I can understand that the extra wait sucks now that we’re so close, but I wouldn’t be surprised if trying to change it up now would only cause further delays and costs.

Because if your two weeks went out first, then you wouldn’t be able to reorder for almost a month after you run out, and while you personally perhaps wouldn’t mind, I bet there are others there who would. And then things gets even crazier.

So I understand your plight, but I think their plan of shipping largest orders first is solid and that they should stick to it.


Everyone who pre-ordered are equal with each other. That’s very much in line with other crowd-funded projects I’ve backed. We all will be getting our Soylent in the first month, and are guaranteed refills as soon as we need them. People who didn’t pre-order could be waiting for four months before they can get their first shipment.

The guarantee that you will always have Soylent available requires that larger orders be filled first, so those people won’t be re-upping while initial orders are still being processed. This is the only way that makes sense logistically.


@alfredbester - Ditto! I bought a months worth in the first round (May '13) when the first shipment was supposed to be delivered last summer. Knowing how new ventures can be overoptimistic, I hoped for late summer but wasn’t really going to get my hopes up before Thanksgiving.

@JulioMiles - So those of us who invested early, and have already been through the most delays, are getting pushed aside by the Johny come late-lies. That’s the way to show gratitude for the faith we put in your startup! My solyent isn’t even here and I’ve got a sour taste in my mouth.


They have a few choices:

  1. Satisfy their early investors first
  2. Satisfy their largest investors first

Either is a proper way to handle things, but there is the added logistical benefit with option 2 as previously discussed. As long as I get my order, I will be happy.


To everyone who has replied so far, I’m sorry, but I should have been more clear. I was wondering if the initial backers in each order group would get moved up in the queue. This should not increase cost at all, because it is still rolling out the biggest orders first, but the people who have been on board first should get priority over people who weren’t. That’s crowd funding 101. For example:

1st shipped: 1+ month initial backers
2nd shipped: 1+ month pre-orders
3rd shipped: 1 month inital backers
4th shipped: 1 month pre-orders
5th shipped: 2-3 week initial backers
… etc etc.

This shouldn’t be difficult and it should still be possible as they haven’t completed the shipping lists yet.


I believe it was said that orders will be sorted by size, and then orders of equal size would be sorted by order date.

That should only make a minor difference. For example the difference between your “1st shipped” and “2nd shipped” will likely only be two or three days. I suppose most noticeable for the 1 month orders, which will take two weeks to get all the way through.


Ah, you made it sound like you wanted to move up to a higher category. But as @Injector said, they did say within each group the earliest orders would be dispatched first (which should be the earliest backers). So that should already be happening (even if they didn’t mention it in this latest update, they have a few times before).


Yeah, I think this latest update was just to give everyone a rough idea of when to expect their shipments to happen.

Also notice this:

So things may very well move quicker than laid out here.


(along with countless cups of Soylent beta)

I hadn’t thought about this before, but now I’m wondering… how many of the Soylent staff members are actual Soylent drinkers themselves? How many drink Soylent 50% of the time, 90% of the time, just as an ocassional quick meal, etc? And how long have they been drinking it?


Yes because everything we’ve seen from them so far has all been early and on time.


Edit: All in good humor. Thanks for the update, keep up the good work.


Is there a way that local backers can swing by the Soylent HQ for a pick up? I have only ordered a week supply, and am travelling quite a bit in the next few weeks, meaningn I might not be able to get my Soylent for a while. I have been waiting on my soylent like the rest of you forever and would just like to make the waiting end so I and soylent can move on with our lives.