Soylent weight per meal


I was wondering, what is the weight of Soylent per meal? I was thinking about its practicality for use on a cross country bike tour. I’m sure backpackers would be interested in this info as well.


Take a look at Tim Ferriss’ review. I believe they posted a sheet with those details.


I just made my today’s batch. It’s 695,23 grams precisely, 160 of them being milk, and then added 1,3 Lt. H2O

It varies everyday a little bit, and my calories come from a ratio that looks like this: 48% carbs, 36% fat, 16 protein.

a good way to reduce total weight is to make it a bit ketogenic, as 1 gram of fat is about 9 calories, while carbs and protein is 4 cals per gram.

edit: forgot to mention, total calories are around 2750~


For 2 weeks of my dry formula it is around 34 lbs.

Personally I think mine weighs a little too much for anything longer than 2 weeks. I was hoping to do the pacific trail next year too with it. I’ll just need to come up with a plan B.


A dry-ingredient-based soylent recipe usually weighs around 500g/day. Wet-ingredient-using recipes will be heavier.

In trying to get it lighter you start to bump up against the fundamental limitation of how much a calorie weighs. (The weight of the micronutrients is comparatively not that significant.) A gram of carbs has ~4kcal; a gram of fat has ~9kcal; and a gram of protein has ~4kcal. So for a 50/30/20 carb/fat/protein macronutrient distribution and 2,000 calories, your calories are going to weigh about 416g.

Fat has more calories per mass; so the natural way to make your calories lighter is to use more fat (i.e. go ketogenic/low-carb). For a 5/80/15 carb/fat/protein distribution and 2,000 calories, your calories are going to weigh about 277g. That is a significant (about 33%) savings in weight! So I think if you really, really wanted your soylent to be light, you would go ketogenic. (Incidentally, similar comments may be made about volume; anecdotally my ketogenic soylent recipes are lower in volume than my normal-carb recipes.)


Hmm, what’s the disconnect? nwthomas says 500 grams a day, which is like 1.1 pounds. So that would be 15.4 pounds for two weeks. Yet you are at 34 pounds?

On a bike tour I would probably only want to carry like 5 days at a time, and resupply along the way. I’d supplement with traditional foods and just use it when eating at restaurants is not convenient.


Mine is about twice as many calories as everyone else’s.
I would have to double check the weight again though.


My current recipe which includes 35g carbs, 140g protein and 170g fat totals about 480g per day, and totals 2330 calories. For weight optimisation you could swap my coconut milk for just coconut oil. Maintaing the same calories this would save about 80g. Fats are energy dense!! For a 2700 calorie diet the lowest the per-day weight could possibly be would be 300 grams (since there are 9 calories per gram of fat).

Bear in mind that for a bike tour you would need lots of protein and lots of calories!


Plan B is called Logan Bread.!


The recipe I’m using only weighs in at 325g, no wonder I’m hungry all the time. What should I increase to bring it up to about 1800 calories?


Try the Olive or Hemp oil, fats are typically an easy, healthy and cheap way to add some calories. By the way, you are paying a lot for your olive oil!