Soylent - wheat and rye allergy?


I allergic to many things but health trethening are: wheat, rye, apples, milk and cocoa.
It’s most flustrating during the day because i have almost no option to eat anything that i didn’t prepare myself(why people add flour to almost anything?). so i often eat only after I return from work and it’s no healty. Is soylent an answer for me?
PS is there any chance it will be shipped to EU? And after converting currency is getting “not-cheap” , so can i expect price falling o rising over time?


Well, my DIY recipe (rye, chocolate and milk) would kill you. But the official Soylent product would be fine. It’s specifically designed to be alergen-free.

The shipping and costs, I know little about.


They are going to work on the price.

I would hypothesize that some day, if Soylent is successful in the future, there would be more than one place it is manufactured. If that’s in the EU, maybe that would help price for those residents.

The final recipe of Soylent is not announced. Here is what stuff is in 0.89 beta, which ArsTechnica recently ate.

I think they are trying to make it vegan and as allergen free as possible, but as you can read there is a bit of the emulsifier soy lecithin in there. I’ve read most people with soy allergies can still eat soy lecithin and not react, but… ask your personal experience and your immunologist. There is little to no allergen in soy lecithin.

You can get lecithin from other sources than soy, so maybe that will change in the future. I’ll bet that soy lecithin is the least expensive, though.

International shipping is on hold until they can fulfill existing orders.

Good luck with your eating. It sounds like a huge challenge. Be well.