Soylent When Recovering from Surgery

I had been consuming Soylent 1.5 at home exclusively for two weeks and version 2.0 for about one week when it first shipped… when I had an unexpected and completely not linked to Soylent medical situation. My appendix became inflamed, formed an abscess and needed to be removed. I stress again: this was not related to consuming Soylent.

I was in the hospital for five days and connected to a IV drip for, ironically, fluid nutrition. When I was released, I had no appetite what-so-ever. My stomach had shrunk so I couldn’t eat much even if I wanted to. Solid food could easily make me nauseous, and throwing up with 18 staples in my abdomen was not something I wanted to experience. Any solid food I could eat required that I take a prescription anti-nausea pill before hand.

Soylent 2.0 to the rescue! Thankfully, when I got home from the hospital, I had about a week’s supply in the refrigerator. I was able to consumer Soylent 2.0 for each meal without issue… No nausea, no feeling like I was forcing myself to eat or consuming more than I could.

I can’t help but think: “What if I didn’t have Soylent 2.0 as an option?” Honestly, I would have been nibbling at saltine crackers, drinking water, maybe having vegetable broth soup every-so-often. I would have been getting horrible nutrition and I have no doubt that would have slowed down my recovery.

I think the medical industry should seriously consider Soylent as an option for patients who are in recovery and have moved past clear liquids only. I’m really quite grateful that this stuff exists!


Technically they already have. It’s called Ensure :smile:

Ensure wasn’t something that was an option for me on the hospital menu or as a suggestion for something to consume once I was released. Even if it had been though, Ensure contains milk proteins… and I’m allergic to dairy. Plus I would have had to consume an awful lot of it to match the nutrition one gets from Soylent 2.0.

Ensure seems like a dietary supplement whereas Soylent is a dietary replacement.


There’s also Boost

Very cool, thanks for sharing your story. I was thinking this morning that there could be all kinds of unforeseen uses of Soylent. Maybe some people will drink a bottle of Soylent 2.0 or give one to their kids as a kind of daily multivitamin — except (putatively) more bioavailable and with more micronutrients than vitamins.

I had jaw surgery when I was younger and had my mouth wired shut for around 8 weeks. I would have killed for something like Soylent during that time. I drank a lot of shakes and things that were likely not nearly as healthy as Soylent.

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Thanks for sharing your story, happy to hear Soylent 2.0 could help you out so much.

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I am getting my wisdom teeth out in a few weeks and I am incredibly relieved that I will be able to rely on Soylent during the recovery period where you are advised not to eat hard/solid foods. I think this is another common surgery where soylent can be a life saver.

I’ve been thinking a little. It might be a decent mind hack.

If you are overweight and want to lose weight by going 100% Soylent (like I do), how about this: convince yourself that you are sick, and as a result you can’t consume any food except for Soylent! It’s actually kinda true; being overweight is arguably a disease.


I had all four wisdom teeth out a year ago, and Soylent was a lifesaver.

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I actually fell sick today, and thank goodness my Soylent 2.0 shipment arrived just in time!

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I’ve had a somewhat similar story recently. I had a major outbreak of canker sores in my mouth, at one point I counted 32, which for those of you who suffer from canker sores at all knows is some crazy pain. I couldn’t eat anything solid. I couldn’t chew, and I couldn’t even eat soft things that required my tongue to move at all. I don’t know what I would have done without Soylent.

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I would have loved Soylent when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. Of course that was almost 25 years ago. I haven’t been sick often since I started Soylent, but it does feel nice to know that I can easily get the right nutrition without working at it.