Soylent where to start?


I’ve been curious about Soylent since being shown the blog by a close friend. The concept sounds ideal to me, I rarely have enough time to sit down and make a healthy dinner so end up eating some ready meal full of salt or ordering in. I live a fairly active life and I know my diet is hindering my improvement in a fair few of my hobbies.

Unfortunately I know nothing about biology or the bodys nutritional needs and could really do with a kick in the right direction. I do understand there could be some quite serious consequences if not done correctly but the potential of soylent definitely sounds worth it!

So yeah if someone could give me some reading material or somewhere to start it would be greatly appreciated!



Reading material:

Seriously, it looks like lots of people are posting some really great tips and information in this forum, just keep reading here. But also read up on Wikipedia, it’s a really great source for scientific topics.


Yeah I’ve read the blog several times :slight_smile: will check out the wiki too. I posted this thread up before the forum really took off so will have to read through all the new posts