Soylent while traveling?


I’m preparing for my soylent delivery one day. I travel a lot. What’s the best way to prepare soylent on the road? Should I get a personal blender or an immersion blender? Do I need to make sure my hotel room has a fridge? Does anyone have any tips to recommend for traveling with soylent? Thanks!


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I suppose you could take a large bag or box of powder with you, and maybe one of these shaker bottles:

If you’re going by plane, you’d have to source some oil locally; I suggest olive oil since you’ll find it everywhere. The powder may cause issues when boarding a plane, but you’re not doing anything wrong. It would just cause delays.


Interestingly enough, I’m in the same boat. I just ordered my first DIY batch, as well as a blender and scale. My hope is to pack the blender (non-immersion) in my luggage, but pre-weigh/pack each day’s contents in baggies. I’ll also source my oil locally. Hmm… will need a measuring apparatus for the oil. Anyway, I’ll let you know how it goes in a couple weeks.


I check my bags, so I’m not so worried about the oil or the powder.

Would a blender bottle work? I hear from the reviewers that they use power blenders and still have troubles with lumps, so I don’t understand how a shaker bottle would do the trick.


[quote=“Defender, post:3, topic:5151”]Hmm… will need a measuring apparatus for the oil.[/quote]Take any plastic cup, mark a certain amount when you’re home, and just use that. Nothing electronic required!

[quote=“csells, post:4, topic:5151”]Would a blender bottle work?[/quote]Not sure! Let me know if you find out :wink:


@csells - I use a blender bottle while hiking, it works just fine.

You will get a strong forearm from the shaking :smile:


We recently drove to France for a skydiving course. Breakfast and lunch consisted of our DIY soylent. Simply make half portions (or day portions depending on your preference) and bring a protein shaker bottle. (The ones that have a roster seem to work the best). Buy a bottle of olive oil locally and you are good to go. It certainly made camping easier.


I mix everything together (the oils, the powders, etc.) into a light crumble mix a number of days at a time and then portion out to 1/2 amounts which I put in sealed plastic freezer ziplock bags that I keep in the fridge until ready to use. They are great to travel with - just take a blender bottle and add water. Not as good as using an immersion blender, but still very usable.


That sounds like a great way to go. Thanks!


It looks like, previously, this topic was all about DIY. But let’s revive it and brainstorm, now that the premade stuff is shipping out (and I’m traveling for a week and a half, in two weeks :smiling_imp: ).

I can’t be the only person with conferences to attend, right?

Of course, none of my hotels have refrigerators, because I am %awesome% at planning. I have a 24 oz Tervis bottle, and every hotel has ice. So I’m thinking I can mix up my morning serving the night before, with lots of ice, and it’ll be OK.

Not every conference or conference goer will have this problem, but for these conferences in particular, I know ahead of time that I’m not going to be back in my hotel again until it’s time to sleep, each day. So I need to figure out 2/3 +/- 1/3 of any given day’s meals, in a way that I can carry. (Either lunch or dinner, or sometimes both, will end up being a social/business thing.) I can carry a pound of powder. I don’t want to carry a full day’s liquid, though, if I can avoid it.

Those of you who’ve had Soylent for a while, now that you’re used to it, are you able to mix it up and drink it with only a short delay? Does that work OK for you, or do you have to let it sit (and for how long?), to make it palatable? Can I get away with mixing it with water from a fountain, or is ice a necessity? (Conference centers have food and drink vendors, but I bet even a cup of ice costs time and money to get.)

If I can avoid carrying two bottles of liquid, plus any coffee or water I might want, I’d like to do that. If it’s unavoidable, I guess I should find out soon, so I have another bottle with me.

I don’t know for sure how cold the Tervis keeps liquid, either. I guess I should do an experiment before I travel with it. Just in case: if anyone’s got a really good thermos they like that’s easy to clean and that doesn’t require a funnel to get the powder in, I’m interested in hearing about that.


When I took beta to Ecuador last year Mixed a days worth each morning with cold water from the water cooler. I would have loved to have ice but alas no. I was using a contigo insulated thermos. Someone posted a link on another thread. One day I mixed a batch and poured into an empty water bottle then made a second batch in the contigo. Drank the water bottle first I recently took Soylent 1.0 on a trip and mixed it with bottled water. If you want to mix up the night before and get cold most hotels have ice machines, just put the container with your Soylent in an ice bucket or in the sink overnight.


I travel for work, almost every week. How big are the individual oil bottles, and how much is needed for one day?

I’m willing to try a powdered oil substitute, as mentioned above, but I’d rather stick to the production formula while I try it out. I’ve trimmed down my travel liquids to almost nothing, so if I can fit 5 days worth in a 1 quart bag, then I’ll be fine.


Yeah, that won’t be a problem. They’re 2 oz (4Tbsp) apiece.


I have traveled a bit with both my DIY soylent as well as Soylent. I’ve found that a 1 liter Nalgene is the easiest go-to container. I pre-measure half-bags (220g) and half-bottles (1 fl oz) of Soylent. I use a Ziploc sandwich bag for each portion of powder, and I rinse old 5-hour energy bottles (remove labels) for the oil – a perfect oil solution IMHO. The bottle close securely and do not leak like the stock Soylent bottles sometimes do. I then put one bottle and one sandwich bag into a 1-quart Ziploc . . . now I have a “meal pack.” One “meal pack” goes into a Nalgene, add water, and voila.

If I need cold, I add a few ice cubes from hotel ice maker to the Nalgene during or after mixing.


I’m having another successful trip with my Soylent. I’m doing single servings in a 16oz contigo. In the past I’ve has some messy mistakes getting the powder into the container. What I needed was a funnel. But I didn’t want to pack one so I’m using a piece of plain paper to form a funnel. Using 1scoop of Soylent then filling with water. I’m leaving out the oil as I’m pretty sure I’m getting enough fat at lunch. Fortunately I have a fridge in my room. So I make up a batch a night for next days breakfast. Much better way to start the day instead of the breakfast buffet. After breakfast I mix a new batch for dinner. Lunch has been traditional southern food with the group.


I’ve posted a couple videos on my experience travelling with Soylent. You can catch the first one here:


I think that traveling in the USA with the oil should not be a problem, as long as you don’t put them in your carryon bag. I would definitely make sure the lids are tight, and put them in a plastic bag to keep them from leaking all over the clothes in my checked bag. Airliner baggage compartments are pressurized and heated, but the effective altitude can be as high as 7,000 feet or so, just like the cabin.

If you aren’t checking any bags, then you’d have to locally source the oil, or go without.



You can absolutely take oil in carryon domestic or international as long as you meet TSA guidelines. Done it


Yep–the oil conveniently comes in bottles smaller than the TSA 3-oz. max, so you can bring as many as you can put in a quart-size ziploc baggie (along with any other liquids you’re carrying on).


to prevent clumping…add the oil AFTER you have shaken up the soylent with water…oil touching the raw powder causes clumping for me…

Water…powder…(close) shake…(open) add oil and top off with water…shake shake shake…haven’t had issues with clumping.