"Soylent wins converts in Vancouver — to the concept if not the taste"

via The Vancouver Sun: “Soylent wins converts in Vancouver — to the concept if not the taste


Good article, but this lady drove me crazy.

Not that she’s against drinking a meal. With a little more time and thought — but not necessarily more money — someone in a rush can make a smoothie with whole fruits or vegetables with added yogurt or seeds for protein.

“Then you’d feel really good about what you’re eating and doing so much more for your body in terms of what you’re giving it — as nature intended us to eat instead of something coming out of a laboratory,” said Fetterly, nutrition manager for Choices Markets in Vancouver.

“I suppose if it was short-term and you were trying to push through some big project … then what about an IV? That would be the next step. That would be less work and you wouldn’t even have to mix it up and swallow!

“It’s not natural in any way,” she says. “It’s as processed as you can get.”

[emphases mine]

Where do they find these people? Oh, “nutrition manager for Choices Markets in Vancouver.” So they basically asked a competitor for her opinion. Makes sense!


Rare to see an article get the source right for the names inspiration, kinda nice to see.


Yoghurt: food as nature intended it! (Specifically, the bacteria parts of nature.)