Soylent with natural foods (Ray Peat inspired)


Here is my natural soylent recipe.

  • 0.5L orange juice (fresh pressed) (sieved)
  • 0.5L goat milk
  • 20 gram oats
  • 10 gram potato starch
  • 10 gram gelatin (great lake gelatin)
  • 20 gram sugar (add to taste, if oranges are sweet, it is not necessary)
  • 1/3 teaspoon salt (refined canning salt without additives)
  • 1 raw egg yolk
  • vitamin D/K2 oil (thorne), 1 drop

I add the raw egg yolk to get enough choline, lutein and zeaxanthine.You may think the raw egg yolk would make this recipe disgusting, but I’ve tried with and without the egg yolk, and the egg yolk makes it taste very creamy and delilcious actually. Note that in mayonaisse they also add raw egg yolks.

Three of those meals, give 350 gram carbs, 80 gram fat, 110 gram protein and in total 2500 cal.

I’ve used cronometer, to look at the nutrients. The RDA is more than 100% for everything except:

  • fiber 29% (11 gram)
  • omega-3 60% (1 gram)
  • B3 74%
  • zinc 82%
  • B12 85%

Eating 1 or 2 oysters would solve everything except of fiber. Other seafood will work as well, or a piece of beef/lamb.

This recipe is Ray Peat inspired, who thinks a little bit different about nutrition. I like a ray peat inspired diet, as it makes me energetic and alive, and my blood levels shows that it cures my thyroid problems. Some of his general guidelines are:

  • carbs should come from fruit
  • fat should be saturated, monosaturated fats should be limited, and PUFA should be avoided
  • at least 80 gram protein, and proteins should come from animals, and should be balanced with gelatin (which is an anti-inflammatory protein)
  • calcium/phosphorus ratio should be 1:1
  • sodium/potassium ratio should be something like 1:1 up to 1:3
  • eat 1 carrot daily for its beneficial fibers, but more fibers are not necessary
  • caffeine and cholesterol are considered essential nutrients

So I guess my recipe follows his guidelines pretty well, except for the carrot, which I will just eat normally. No need to mix it in my soylent.

Why don't you use milk for your DIY?

Actually, my first thought was that mixing orange juice and goats milk together would be disgusting :wink:

This does look good though. I’ve not heard of cronometer before. How does it compare to the soylent diy tool?

Also the big question - how does it taste?


I use cronometer because it has all foods in their database, in the diy tool of soylent I couldn’t submit orange juice and egg yolks. I’m a little bit lazy for adding those myself.

To answer the big question, the taste is quite neutral, not bitter, little bit sweet, the texture is like a milkshake, and if I would add a little bit more sugar I guess it would taste like an orange juice milkshake. Not a bad milkshake, but the oats and potato starch prevent it from tasting like an excellent milkshake. I don’t mind, the taste is neutral, but my body craves for it.

The raw egg yolk makes it taste like a creamy milkshake. This part is crucial in the recipe.

Goat milk can have a really specific taste, if you now what I mean, but after mixing it all together, that taste is gone. The specific taste of OJ is also gone. I don’t really like it that the freshness of the taste of fresh OJ fades away.

The last one I made, was 600 ml orange juice vs 400 ml goat milk. This was the best one I made, it tastes more fresh, little bit less milkshake like. Little bit more fresh juice like.

Btw, one sidenote, the orange juice is sieved, I don’t like the pulp of orange juice at all. Fibres of oats are much better tasting IMO.


@Kasper, how about adding some guava to it? It will bring in the fiber and B3 and some other phytochemicals to boot. Unsweetened guava if you dont want to add a sweet one.

Chia is another good source of fiber, omega 3. While egg is good for zinc,B12. Other sources include peanuts for fiber and B3.