Soylent without any Carbs in it


Hi All,

I’m just putting the finishing touches on my Soylent Recipe. I a nutshell, I am using easily commercially available tablets for almost everything (eg Multivitamins) apart from the Carbs, Protein and Fats.

Having recently read “Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It” by Gary Taubes it has become clear how Carbs are the source of fat gaining and retention. By cutting out Carbs as much as possible, your body will avoid Insulin screwing everything up. Everyone should read this book, it’s eye-opening. I only heard about it from another thread on this forum.

So with that in mind, I am aiming to not include Carbs in my Soylent. I’m sure a small amount will creep in here and there through impurities, fizzy drinks or occasional emergency snacks though. Carbs are not something your body needs in any way, and are a fairly modern invention. Various diets such as The Atkins, Paleo etc are along this line of thinking.

So if I weigh around 13 stone, lets say I choose to eat 1g of Protein per pound. This comes out to 182 grams a day and 720 calories taken in. This is not a harmful or excessive amount and anything my body doesn’t need should be passed out.

That leaves me needing to intake around 1800 calories to get around the 2500 calories I need to maintain body weight.

200g of fat would achieve this, at 9 calories per gram thats the 1800 I need. Some form of Olive Oil or Rapeseed Oil probably (what is the cheapest and most neutral tasting source?)

It’s a bummer that Carbs are the cheapest of the 3 of these but I guess that’s why cheap junk food is full of carbs after all.

I’m surprised no one else has suggested this and wanted to put it out there for discussion. There seem to be a lot of intelligent people on this board that might offer some worthwhile insights.


There are a few non-carb (ketogenic) variations of soylent, you can find info and discussion here:


Carbs were not “invented,” they are found in abundance in all plant matter. The Atkins and Paleo diets derive a significant portion of calories from carbohydrates. A no-carb diet is very extreme (and completely modern) and ill effects are likely. Please read up on ketosis, from unbiased sources.


Hello from Russia here.
On Soylent for little over 6 weeks, with one full week of (just to change the formula,read more into it).

Soylent did some magic with my health i have to say. My friends and co workers tell me that physically i changed. Gained more muscle, more size. Which is a good thing. From 72 to 80 just like that, purely by eating and working out a bit evey now and then.

As it turned out its not difficult to make soylent in Russia at all. Proteins are the the most expensive thing to get but not a big problem really: you just need to know its Russian name and make your own research. Carbs are easy, and very cheap to find. Sulphur was a tricky one to get in pure form but hey, i had a bunch of it laying in a jar for my horse as a suppliment.

Haven’t had any problems with my health really so not much to say but sleep is better, easier to wake up, stomach is alot calmer, harder to get tired, more calm than before but its all pretty subjective. As i do not fancy needles, i do not do any blood tests or anything like that. It just works and works comfortably for me.