Soylent without oats?


Can anyone recommend a DIY version which is pretty much identical to soylent but that substitutes something else for oat flour? I’m apparently one of those unlucky people that doesn’t do well with oats (which is apparently pretty common). I’ve had a lot of indigestion and heartburn since starting, and I’m in the third week now. I’m assuming its the oats since others have reported the same thing, and I’ve noticed having similar problems after eating oatmeal before. I tried some prilosec during the second week and it was great, but then the heartburn came back immediately after stopping, like within two days. I’ve heard that prilosec leeches calcium so I don’t want to keep using it, and I don’t want to have to pop a Pepcid every day.

Alternatively, does anyone know a probiotic that will help digest oat flour better? If it even works that way?


Check out the DIY recipes (for example, the most highly rated recipes, People Chow 3.0.1 - “Tortilla Perfection!” and QuidNYC’s Superfood for Him, do not list oats; FWIW, I personally couldn’t stand the taste of People Chow). If you don’t actually want to make the soylent yourself, see if someone in the marketplace is already making that recipe and if not consider contacting @axcho to find out how much he would charge.


Hi tunesmith,
sorry to hear of your problems, but welcome to the fantastic world of DIY.
The most common substitute for oats is mesa (a precooked corn flour used for tortillas), one of the most popular recipes is “people chow” by max which is the basis for most of the non-oat recipes out there.

I am going to suggest that if you make the leap to DIY and you aren’t using oats then don’t bother trying to be identical to Soylent, you can be much much better. Cost, health, and taste can all be improved once you accept the work of mixing your own. Texture seems to be the one place Soylent does well.

Let me shamelessly plug my own recipe as a place to start Crude Food 1.0

You can just double the mesa and drop the oats if you don’t want any in your mix, the recipe is fine without the oats. We just added them to diversify our carbs. You can also lower cost and get rid of the sucralose if you move to the pill version of Mega Men’s Sport. A little more work with a morter to powder the pills, but now you control your sweetness level. If you look at Crude Food 1.1 with frozen fruit, more shameless self promotion :slight_smile: You get a lower carb version with no artificial sweetners, there is plenty of room to increase carbs by adding sugar or honey if you like a sweeter mix and either one is going to be better than the maltodextrin that Soylent uses as far as I can tell.

One final note: These recipes use Mega Mens as the vitamin source because they contain no iron and men don’t really need excess iron. If you are female there are lots of cheaper vitamins available that would also work, just plug them into the recipe editor to make sure nothing flags.

Good luck.


What you are looking for is a “digestive enzyme” supplement, not a probiotic. I use Simple Digestive Formula from Whole Foods, and I don’t have any issues with oat flour.

I’d try that first, but you could also look into rice flour as an alternative to oat flour. It is easier to digest than oat flour (like masa) but tastes neutral and isn’t gritty (unlike masa).


Before investing into new ingredients - you may try a sample of the rice flour based recipe. From my blends I recommend you Organic vs. Choco sample set. Both rice flour based. $10, shipping included.


Some people have reported improvements when using Beano, as well. The Beano is typically used to address flatulence, but it works by providing two enzymes which help break down complex starches and sugar-bound fats and proteins (glycolipids, and glycoproteins). This renders all of them more easily digested and absorbed, so they don’t get to the end of the digestive tract where they can ferment and cause gas volume… but rendering them more easily digested earlier may also help with tolerance issues apart from flatulence.