Soylent Workforce


Hello, friends over at Soylent HQ. As a backer, I’m extremely excited about your product. I believe Soylent amazing potential for people across the world! In fact, I could see Soylent becoming so much more than a simple food source! Imagine a Nike Fuel-Band device that keeps track of your daily exercise and energy output - now imagine you can track both your Soylent/Food Intake (not unlike the Lose-It app) and make adjustments to your Soylent to better fit your physical activity for that day! Extra pushups? Extra protein - no problem! Now imagine you can upload this to a dispensary that can build you a custom Soylent from a shop - brilliant opportunities - and the ability to create healthy shops that serve Soylent based products - or even machines in local coffee houses or sandwich shops! Imagine uploading your custom nutrient profile and getting a balanced Soylent based on your current daily output!

I believe Soylent has a great deal of potential - but I also believe you’ll need a strong group of people to help develop relationships with vendors, engineers, and corporations to get your product moved! You’ll also need representatives on the East Coast (and over seas!)

When things start to pick up, look me up! I know I, personally, would love the opportunity to promote the product - as would numerous other individuals across globe!


I just asked Julio the other day if they were planning to have an affiliate program. As a digital marketer, I would also very gladly promote the bejeezus out of Soylent.

Oh wait, I already am! OK well then in that case, I would gladly devote more of my own resources to promoting Soylent if I knew there was some form of compensation on the back end for doing so. =)

I agree with all the potential opportunities before them, many of which I’m sure haven’t even been dreamt up yet. Exciting times!!


I have a storefront on a busy road and I would love to sell Soylent in my store please look me up Rob whenever you’re ready to start an affiliate program