(VLOG) - First 30 Days Complete

So it has been one full month since I started taking Soylent and it is not without its ups and downs however overall my experience with Soylent has been a pleasant one. The hardest part for me was the first week and but after that it was nothing but routine.

During the first week of the had some major headaches and some digestive issues. However the headaches could have been caused by the lack of caffeine as I gave up coffee the same day I started to take Soylent. As far as the digestive issues they stopped around day 4.

If you haven’t already switched to a Soylent diet I recommend starting slow with one meal and then working your way up to allow your body to adjust. With all the years of bacon, beer and burgers my body had a tough time and went into a type of shock.

I found that Soylent is a great way to limit my caloric intake and also meet all the nutritional requirements my body needs. Of course Soylent does not just allow me to watch my intake but it does also free up a lot of time each week and even saves me some money about $175 per month.

One of the cons that I have encountered is the lack of variety, however there are many different ways to spice up your Soylent intake. For example I have tried a number of different fruits and ingredients like peanut butter.

I do cheat twice a week and have two dinners per week. I also do have a piece of fruit each night with the occasional light beer. Just like any diet change it is important especially if you are limiting your intake to cheat. Cheating allows you to remain focused without going through a binge session that can completely throw you off your game.

Overall I would recommend switching to a Soylent diet and if you give it a chance you might actually like it. The only major problem I see with Soylent is the wait time to get the first shipment… but it seems they are working on that…

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Could you keep these all in one thread please thankz

Also the wait time appears to be completely gone. I’ve seen recent brand new orders delivered in less than a week from first order, to first drink.


I’m hoping this is true. I just placed my first order on Sunday, so we shall see. :wink:

No problem Larry, makes sense. My next one I post I will have a modified topic and post all under that one.

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Jonathon, thanks for the information and if I could say, I think your video blog is great, you are the one that inspired me to start making one myself.

Grok, Keep us in the loop and let us know when you get it! I hope you get it soon!

lol cool! Nice to hear that people seem to be enjoying my (fairly sporadic) videos. I originally started making them strictly as a personal diary but once Soylent actually arrived, I kinda thought oh wtf why not make them public, I’ve got nothing to hide… Glad I did!

I need to do something for our 1 year mark with Soylent since that’s the end of this month. Hard to believe!!


Week 7 is now under my belt… Here is my latest update… As always thanks for watching…

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Week 15 and I am still going strong… I know I haven’t been given an update in a while, I have been completely consumed with minor details for my wedding… As always thanks for watching…

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