(VLOG) - Soylent and Exercise Part 2


I wanted to take some time to review a few more points with Soylent and exercise. As previously discussed Soylent does provide all the energy needed to get you through your workout regardless of whether it is cardio or lifting.

However after reading some blogs there seems to be a number of folks that have reduced their weight dramatically some claiming 6-10 pounds a week since they added Soylent to their diet! I myself have lost about 6 pounds within 30 days and for those of you that may have experienced the same thing I want to address that.
For the past three months I have been doing cardio and for the past month I have been taking Soylent. This may not be as extreme as others for a variety of reasons such as my Soylent intake may be too high and I may need to reduce the intake… Or I may need to change my workout routine.

It is important to make sure you do change your workout routine from time to time so you are not plateauing. The important thing to remember folks is to not get discouraged and keep the course.

If you find yourself plateauing reevaluate your routine, perhaps it is time to change your workout, perhaps it is time to reduce your caloric intake by reducing the amount of Soylent you have. For your own sake though do not get discouraged!

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Do keep in mind that, unless you are morbidly obese, losing 10 (!) pounds a week is not healthy. And worse, it likely won’t stay off.

It’s ideal to lose 2 to 3 pounds, maximum, a week. So your loss of 6 pounds in 30 days might be a tad slow, but not terribly so.


Great to hear! :+1:



Yeah i am not sure how some of these guys lose the wait that quickly! Not can it not be healthy, I am wondering if they are doing something else other than just switching to Soylent.

Thanks for the props guys…