Soylent's feel good vibes


The majority of bootleg Soylent users seem to have one reaction in common: the no suger crash. A smaller number of users also seem to report a mood improvement.

Can we explain what’s causing any of these things? Can we trace the no crashing to the maltodextrine and oats mix? Can we trace the mood improvement to the vitamins and trace elements?

I guess what I want to ask is: what causes what?


I can attest to a better mood while on Soylent. Even under pressure I feel more calm, although I am still a smart ass.

Also I have not had any crashes since I have been on Soylent. I have gotten sleepy though, but without any energy crash. Meaning that if I decided not to sleep then I had plenty of energy to continue what I was doing.

I still have a grumbling in my stomach while on Soylent. So I have been subtracting one thing a day to see what it is. So far I have eliminated Sulfur, Salt, Whey Protein, Vitamins, Calcium, Magnesium, Nestle Chocolate Quick, Jolly Ranchers, and my Egg / Milk protein.
The only things left for me to skip are Choline, Whole Oats, Potassium, Iron, maltodextrin and water.
Thus far none of the things that I have removed from my recipe for a day have affected my mood. Although the taste and how satiated I get while on Soylent have suffered immensely.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention about the Neopept that I added late this week.
I only added 20 milligrams to my daily intake but it had a weird affect on me. While I think that it helped with my concentration it was weird because I am a little ADD. So I was able to focus on very specific things for short periods of time.

The sensation that I got from the Neopept I liken to being drunk. My peripheral vision is kind of hazy (unless I focus specifically on it) and I can only really focus on what is in front of me. There were no physical changes like being drunk, just cognitive. I actually didn’t really like driving while I was using the stuff. Only tried it for 2 days though. I’ll continue using it in the shakes I take for work, as it only lasts for a couple hours.


Neopept or Noopept?

Noopept should take a while to really take effect if this is the first time you’re taking it.
I would start a bit lower than 20mg though.


I’ve been using my soylent for a few days now and I’ve had no effects from using it. No energy boost, no mental boost or anything… its all the same for me. I’m used to having my coffees in the morning which I’ve stopped doing, so I’m probably trying to get over the caffeine addiction though. =\


from my experience, and in comparison with my excellent and healthy pre-soylent diet, the positive effect on mood I notice is probably coming from the sense of ‘lightness’ in the stomach and intestines all day long. I can do whatever excersice I want for as long and still be well nourished. Also the freedom from the eating routine, and its portability are good enough reasons to feel a little bit more awesome :smiley:

no need to wait for digestion before gym, neither need to pack extra meals in my backpack.

Also the little excitement about it could play a role in the mood effect.


I just think that the perfect composition of energy and nutrients throughout the day, will give you more stable energy and make you less inclined to get irritated and lose your mind.