Soylents new big competitor


Soylent better watch out! Pepsi and Fritos have teamed up and made Dewitos, a “drinkified snack”.


Obvious humor is obvious.


Mountain Dew AND Doritos? That is so f***ing extreme.


mmmmm liquid cheeeese :smile:


Will people now get the drinkies?


Yikes, it’s true.

Though it might easily never come to market.


Well, it’s just a flavor… I expected nutrients dissolved in Mountain Dew… That would be a competitor :wink:

I saw in vending machines something from Coca-cola - drink with 250 cal, but don’t remember the name…


Mountain Dew and Jolt…Now that’s a combo!


Yep, it’s just a junk food being consumer tested.


Yup-- but saying that it’s a competitor to Soylent is obvious humor.

As the news sources indicate, it didn’t get wide approval and therefore it went back into their “Taste Vault” to be considered again at a later date.


Someone, somewhere, will drink so much of this they puke.
Even evolution has a limit.




"What are Dewitos?
Mountain Dew and Doritos?
So f**king extreme! "


Now, if this was mass-produced…