Soylent's professional indifference

Soylent obviously doesn’t care and is too lazy to improve. It is completely understandable that they can’t always meet demand but why can’t they keep their loyal customers promtly and correctly informed? Once again I was given no prior notice that my subscription would not be filled. However, they never are unable to charge you whether the product is available or not. At least Soylent keeps it interesting by changing things up a bit. This time (unlike the last) the site actually listed my order as being “fulfilled”. After waiting a few days without the site’s tracking button working, I inquired customer service on the issue. Eight days after my card was charged, I was informed there was a mistake on their end and they had to resubmit my order. Keep in mind, there is still no product, I have been given no expected date for delivery, my credit card has not been refunded until there is actually something available to pay for, and my new order gets shuffled to the back of the waiting list since it had to be resubmitted.

While in the process of writing the previous submission, my email inbox received a shipping notification for my Soylent subscription. I guess I’ll find out soon if it’s for real or another mistake on their part. Soylent, please get your ess together because your high quality product deserves better representation.

Don’t count on it.
Card charged the 4th
Tracking has not been updated since.

“We’ve accepted your order, and we’re getting it ready. Come back to this page for updates on your shipment status.”